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Colley's real name is Vladek Sheybal.

He is famous in the fandom for, as he puts it himself, "nothing." Yet people apparently know of him quite well. This should only raise suspicions.

He spends a large amount of time working on articles at the Tardis Index File, a Doctor Who wiki.

Colley was kidnapped by the world criminal organization "Shocker" but was released with absolutely no cyborg augmentation whatsoever.

Colley is actually a form of super-intelligent plaid.

When a Colley dies in the wild, he becomes food for other Colleys.

Colley is secretly a spirit that can remove all the Colleys in the world to prove their important to doubting persons.

Colley's body is a natural petroleum refinery. He can drink crude oil and regurgitate midgrade gasoline. He will only do this on a dare or to impress attractive women.

Colley exists in the hearts of all children everywhere.

No one can truly understand Colleycube.

He is the best. Around. Nothing and nowhere can bring him down. Like a Rhinestone Cowboy.

Colley can be your hero. He is a mighty little dog-man.

Colley is curtain fire shooting game. Please wait warmly while girls are preparing.

Colley is turning Japanese, he really thinks so.