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Hey all I am Coffeekat I am a young meerkat from Australia currently listening to Monday Monday. Woot lol I am 15 right now (My birthday is 21/5/1993) so I could be 69 when you read this who knows XP…. I am semi into games but wouldn’t call my self a game fanatic But I do love GTA but you cant beat old school Sonics WOOT!….. Lol…I am living in a small inner city suburb of Wollongong At the moment but might be moving to Fagtree *Coughs* did I say fagtree I mean Figtree lol dam I hate everywhere except Gwynneville I am gunna miss this place so much if we do movie I love it here….TRASH THE MASONIC HALL (Don’t worry its abandoned) lol. I also hate school I believe that I know everything I need to know already and really don’t need to know what 2 to the square root of 5 rounded off it…I also don’t need to take the enjoyment out of a movie or book by analysing it and writing a 10 page essay about it….not do I need to know how refraction or sonic booms work….But the Australian government seems to think I do lol…also my my mums place I have a cat I have had since I was 3 and a rat…other 2 died of cancer *Cries* and at my dads (Where I predominantly live) I have a Cockatiel (it’s a type of bird) and he is really cool heaps tame…..and all of what little fame I have comes from youtube under my name meerkat123.…so yea that’s enough about me

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