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Niklaus "Nik" CoeurdelaVie (born December 14, 1987) is a furry artist who lives near Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. Their fursona is a Crux also named Nik.

Personal Life[edit]

Nik was born in Houston, Texas, on December 14, 1987, and moved to Syracuse, New York at the age of eight.


Nik doesn't consider himself an artist but enjoys anything creative. He doesn't draw as much as he used to, and rarely paints. With a preference to 3-dimensional art, Nik has developed a real passion for sculpture, jewelry making, cake decorating, as well as any sort of decorative and/or functional crafts.



Nik has one fursona based on an exaggerated form of himself, also named Nik, a male crux with brown fur and black, red, and cream colored markings. His hair color is red with black and cream streaks often parted down the middle or to one side and tied in the back. Nik's eyes are a pale viridian green color.

Character Background[edit]

One evening, after a particularly rough shift at work, Nik was walking home and stopped at a bridge to catch the view and clear his head. A small group of crux stood nearby and took notice of his depressed appearance. They decided he would be a perfect subject for an experiment they had been wanting to try out, a chance at giving him a new life, as a crux. After the coast was clear they grabbed him and took him to a quiet area deep in the woods to perform a ritual from a special book designed for crux. Unlike the other crux in the group, Nik had formed an unusual color pattern in his fur. It is believed some members of the cracked up group didn't stick to the original plan during the transformation ritual.

After the ritual, Nik was eventually persuaded into trying out this second chance at life. Of course, that meant his old life would have to go. With the help of the other crux they put together a pseudocide with a false note, and a phone call to report his last sighting at the bridge.


Nik is currently a "con-virgin" and refuses to go to any convention without a partial fursuit.

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