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me =][edit]

umm i guess a few things about me im 18 straight and wolf dark grey kinna a metal head live in WA state not DC!!!!!!!!!!! but after i graduate ill be living in kansas city MO for a while =] long black hair =]about 6"4'250 lbs myspace slave=[ ad me myspace if u want just kinna let me know who ya r =]


guitar totally music megadeath van halen metallica TONS avenged sevenfold korn that list could go on FOREVER lol i have xbox live so i guess im a bit of a gamer lol thats painAlchemist91 if ur ever that bored

other stuff[edit]

well i said im straight but i guess unfortunantly im a "nice guy" so i can NEVER have a girlfriend it pretty much sux but its the way i was raised so i wont change for just n e one it haz to be THE one but n e ways if n e of u have n e questions just ask me and ill answer if u wanna chat my msn is Cya...