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Clover star Clover star Clover* or Clover cat is an adorable Red Panda/Cat hybrid she's cute she's lovable and can bring a smile to your face she is commonly mistaken for just a cat but, she has markings of a red panda and the red panda tail but her face is catlike just fluffy and cute and jumpy and a little on the thick side not big but a little she loves to draw and listen to music she is a very amazing girl and hates negative energy don't pick on anyone she knows she will defend all her friends with all her heart she follows her love Spade_lonewolf in which she will follow till she can't she has the power to keep him smiling even when hes highly upset even with her and while they fight dark spirits that make people do bad things she cant help but keep cute strong and sweet even in combat her favored weapon of all would be a semi automatic shotgun more specifically the Italian Benelli M-1014 My true story begins, a long time ago spade and I were together I had an evil curse on me at the first start of Spade and my relationship. I was cursed and nagged and I thought it would hurt him so I left with that evil curse on my back and I shattered that poor wolfs heart and burned the pieces...I still loved him yes, but the evil it kept wanting to hurt it hurt me too, for the two years spade and I were separated he was swallod into the evil spell too causing him to lose his lucious brown fur and gorgeous hazel eyes, he became white with cold black nose and dead Greg eyes. The o my thing that kept him alive was his power bracelet . me I was trying so hard to cleanse and I got what I deserved demons attacked me the evil wanted me to stay I kept fighting back wanting to leave those laughing faces,those cruel words being spoken to, a cold blade against my skin every night a tear may shed a whimper would sound. I found a light though through the thought of him he came to me everyday begging me back and the demons scream and took my voice physically I couldn't say yes I kept saying no because the demons would swirl and fizz around me.still laughing,still smiling. After the dark times, a light shun,and a hand came in it was him it was spade he reached in for me yanking me out the cold dark cloud thanks to a sibling of mine Charcoal midnight who worried about me everyday had the power to see those demons and ran to spade to tell him,spade was able to finally see them since the curse was put on him as well he saved me and I took him back as much as I knew I needed him, and he needed me and to this day we may still becursed mine with depression and anxiety but joy and a smile to cover and him with his white fur just as soft as before just whiter and his eyes crystal like gray but not dead looking anymore. We are happy now,its been almost 4 years now and we fight all demons and save all who have sufford almost exactly as we did. We are an amazing team now , and we've never been so happy before.