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As a once-in-a-while wiki editor, I enjoy dropping in on a hand-full of wikis to improve certain areas, especially if grammatical changes/fixes are needed. Two particular articles will be the subject of my editing for the foreseeable future. The Prancing Skiltaire is a lovely house party that I am occasionally blessed with the opportunity to attend, however, there are some points in the article that need attention, namely the articles of individual residents. I will be making a point to learn more about the hosts and, with verifiable proof, provide additional citations on these articles. Secondly, I am a member of SouthernCross Gaming. I will be studying wiki standards and, decide whether or not the article contains sufficient information for the group, after some consideration over the Talk page.

I go by many names: Ted, Turboplant, and "Partyclothes" are among them. Clodsire is a alias used exclusively to navigate through the furry fandom.