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Christian Wolf

Christian Wolf (born on March 9, 1993) is a furry artist from Mooresville, NC who joined the furry fandom on December 17, 2009. He found out about the fandom months earlier in May, 2009, at his first anime convention, Animazement. Since then, he has spent months researching information about the furry fandom from websites such as YouTube, FurAffinity, and wikifur. He found out one of his friends from high school was a furry and learned more about the fandom from her. He decided his fursona was to be a grey wolf. Since getting his first YouTube account in March, 2010, he began befriending furries from many different countries. He finally got a FurAffinity account in September, 2010, where he began to draw more furry art. Christian has had several mates while in the fandom, but is currently in closed relationship with Alex Dachshund, whom he met at Animazement 14, in 2011.

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