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Hey there visitor, I'm Chris, I'm currently 27 years old, I am a passionate writer in science fiction and fantasy, and enjoy it, I enjoy bringing ideas to life in a story, and making it realistic as possible, I have a passionate interest in vampires, horses, dogs, dolphins, sharks, orcas, dragons, snakes, cats and dino's. I'm writing more stories at the moment, still not finished some are nearly finished, I've improved on my writing skills, I'm going to re-write the Shark Lover series and make it much better, (which currently has been accomplished). I love meeting new people, making new friends, talking to fellow furries, writers, artists.


I've always loved writing stories, I found I had a passion for it when I was in my youth, the more I did it, the better I got, also I read lots of other peoples stories, to gather skills on technique, writing style and also doing a lot of reading of novels, there has been times where I wished I had the talent for drawing as well as digital art, but I know that takes years of practice and I would not have a clue on where to start.


My fursona is a male Caribbean reef shark who likes to wear sandals.

Shark Lovers[edit]

I wrote Shark Lovers for an interest in sharks as well as something different, there's not many fantasy stories involving anthro sharks in the human world, so I decided to write this story series, plus it's a different story where sharks love to wear footwear alas: sandals. I'm still currently writing it, it's taking longer than I thought trying to put ideas in place for the next chapters.

LAPD Officer Chris Lehmann is on his routine shift with his partner Christie, during their shift they encounter a disturbance of a residential neighborhood of LA, where, what they encounter should be in a science fiction movie not in real life, anthropomorphic sharks have never known to exist until now, when more start being spotted among the suburbs of LA, Chris and Christie are called in, to investigate, that's until Chris finds Melanie the anthro shark they encountered during their routine patrol, a anthro Caribbean reef shark in his backyard and has no choice to take her in to look after her, things start getting weirder when one day Melanie, not knowing how to use human technology, answers Chris's mobile phone, with the medical center telling her some alarming information that shocks and angers her, Chris and Christie on the other hand, have to deal with another call out, another anthro shark has been spotted along the store fronts of a LA beach, with the shark telling Chris she is related to him somehow.

The Lizard Chronicles[edit]

This is a brand new story series I started, I have a passionate interest in dragons and lizards, so I decided to write something different that hasn't been written before, I'm planning on making it a long story series.

Ryan Mendoza's life turns an unexpected turn for the worst, as his wife dies from cancer, going through a rough emotional state, he notices someone stalking him, stalking him at his house, stalking him at his wife's funeral. His emotional state has him lose his composure, chasing after the hooded person who has been stalking him all this time, chasing the person in his muscle car, only to find the biggest shock of his life that he was never prepared for, his stalker is a female anthropomorphic lizard, named Lizareth. He finds himself held hostage inside his own house, tied to a chair, demanding answers she tells him who she is, what she is and where she is from. Ryan is not prepared for what this female lizard asks him to do: to choose a new life and start fresh, not knowing what will happen or what his future will be like, this question haunts him as he learns more about this fascinating creature, where if he accepts her offer, she warns him that his life will change forever and can never go back.

Dolphin Paraidse[edit]

Dolphin Paradise is a website I created and own, for the lack of dolphin websites that once were on the internet over the years which have sadly gone offline, it has mixed content for everyone's interests, passions and needs. Dolphin Paraidse