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Fandom involvement[edit]

Fox Kit is not only a writer, but runs a small time news letter on many furs in the community that is published once a month and has a small group of followers that as of now has about 200 subscribers.The newsletter itself can only be found on a small underground website and needs a password to access. As of November, 2015, the news letter had published it's final requsite and the site had been shutdown. Previously the site could only be accessed through the Tor bundle at the onion address of o238sfFa8fa3ljnva92.onion

As of 2014, Fox Kit started going by his more commonly known moniker Chibifoxkit and began the development of FurscaLe, a babyfur friendly open world RPG for the furry community. The game is still in development and half of the team he was working with quit the project in late 2015 due to creative differences. Currently, he and his team are hiring artists, voice actors, designers, programmers and various other things under a private company.