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Monika Livingstone A.K.A Cheyenne Swiftrunner and/or Siberkat. My persona would be a free spoken, free minded woman with strength and ability to make her life as she wishes. Cheyenne would look probably like a fox or a tiger with running shoes running toward her goals, maybe even a cheetah. I like all those critters a lot. Usually a tiger is associated with my fur persona but at times I shape change into these other two totems. I guess I am a shapeshifter in some ways or living a duality kind of life. I have been involved with furfandom since day one when it spontaneously created itself out of a pool of great artists. It jelled at Baycon in the late 80's. When fur fandom was asked by Baycon to "make your own cons" we did and do it better than they do now. The fandom has morphed into different branches but I am basically an artist who loves to paint and draw anthropomorphic critters. I have won numerous art show awards for my works in many shows, even straight Science Fiction conventions shows. I personally prefer to paint the clean art and to tell stories. I began by working on the Erma Felna comic books, then the Birthright series and moved on to my own stories that have not been completely published (I think it is time to re release them on my website). I have attended mostly the West coast fur conventions having booths and art in the art shows. My style can range from cartoony to highly realistic. Currently I just paint what attracts my fancy in anthro art. I like creating all kinds of animal types not being restricted to one species or another. My web site is I hope to continue with new more dynamic works in a style I am currently watching develop for me.