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Chelsey was a puppy that was very happy with her family. Then she got abandended at the young age of 4 and ever since she has been streetwise. She knows all the tricks, shortcuts and ways but she has few friends. She loves her boyfriend. And her friends are Sheba and well sadly that is it. She has a kind of owner who feeds her now and then but other than that, she survives with her friends. The seasons can be harsh against her but with a bit of belief she'll get through. She is a cream coloured dog with brown eyes, hair, tummy and brown tip on her tail.

PROFILE: Name: Chelsey Species: Dog. Age: 14 Gender: Female: Friends: Sheba, I-dog (Boyfriend) Likes: Bones, adventures, sleeping, playing, searching, being helped/protected Dislikes: Evil, hissing, bullies, sickness