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Cheetar Cheetah, who is commenly known as "Spots" By all of his Furry, and Human friends was born on a cold January morning in 1979. He never knew either of his Birth Parents, and was forced to live with a Human family in Wisconsin that hated, loathed, and despised him, and to attend school in a school district where the entire school system cosisted of nothing but Humans, who did everything they could to make his life miserable.

After graduating from High School (Barely), and moving out on his own Cheetar got into music, and even taught himself how to play guitar, and began writing songs. He played at open mic nites, and talent shows for about five years until the lead singer of a band approached him about opening for her, and her group. He accepted, and was still to young, and naive to know that he was being taken advantage of. Soon he drew the attention of a local music shop owner, who also happened to have his own recording studio, and invited Cheetar to cut a demo cd of some of his songs. It was at the second recording session for this album that Cheetar got his first experience with playing the drums.

When the lead singer of the band, whom Cheetar had been opening for found out, she asked him to sit in as there drummer. Cheetar still had no idea that he was being used, and agreed to it. After being with that band for a little over a year, he recieved a partial drum klit, which he quickly went about restoring to full, with some help from his bandmates. A year later, he left that band to form a three piece band with two other local musicians.

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