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I have to reword this, it dosn't sound right

Soverign emperor Green is cchristian's dragon form, a sort of alter-ego/mind shifted version of himself. after some rescearch, he found it was a sort of loose mental Therianthropy, as his mental image of himself is changed.


when cchristian is emulating Green, he tends to use language like: "Rawr", "me thinks", "*tailhug*(ok, more like me wrapping my tail around you but...)", and "Furry = FOOD! ^..^".

some interests include: shiny things, gold, silver, more shiny things, sex, sex with shiny things, and social interaction.


idea wuz stoled from Simba B.'s userpage These are all hard to get, as he is so hard to measure/catalog

Age: 6
Orientation: primarilly Hetero 
Current Occupation: Leader of the Green Empire Brood
Species: some sort European Dragon off-shoot
Heritage: German?
standing Hieght: est. 4 Metres foot to back
hieght on haunches: est. 6.5 metres
length: Impossible to judge


Green is always depicted as a nonmorphic, green, simple form european dragon. he has two horns, two inverted-V-spread wings with single claws, two fore arms, 3 or 4 talons (and a thumb talon) each, he has a normal snout (not too long, not too short : )) and a dark shiny yellow underbelly. he has a long row of pretty fangs, all sharp and in good, clean condition. sometimes he is depicted with a mane or hair, usually shorter than cchristian's, but sometimes the same.

if he wears clothes, which he usually dosn't, he wears jewery clothing, made of shiny things.