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This user has left WikiFur and related projects indefinately.

If you want to know details, you will have to ask him personally.

this is what his userpage looked like before he left:

This is a WikiFur user page.

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FPS Logo.jpg This user watches the
Funday PawPet Show.
Rc-patrol.png This user patrols the
recent changes.
#IRC This user can usually be found on
the #WikiFur IRC channel using
the nick(s) cchristianJEW, cchristianDraco, and emperorGreen.
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{{Uncyclopedia:User paint}}
M This user is a MUNDANE, don't try to yiff them until they are "converted".
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Wikistress3D NP v3.jpg

So wait... YOU'RE a FURRY????[edit]

well... not really... more of s halfway there Thianthrope type guy. whatever goes on there...

What about a Fursona?[edit]

hmmm... I'm a dark green Non-Morphic Dragon with a dark grey/yellow underbelly. I like to be petted and I'm verry friendly... and YES, for the final time, I am NUDE.

 NOTE: this user is halfway MUNDANE; not a furry fur.

This is what emperor Green looks like. I invented my own way to draw dragons, with the MSpaint shading, and the legs and body as such. This is a quick sketch. He MAY be appearing in a comic, if I get the time to write one...