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      • Lunar_S [] has joined #wikifur

<Lunar_S> I can never be sure if Trillian is working right with IRC, so I have to check each time. Does this message work?

<cchristianDraco> heh

<cchristianDraco> yes

<cchristianDraco> it does

<Lunar_S> Excellent ^_^

<Lunar_S> I dont use IRC very often so I'm kinda... newb on it ^_^u

<cchristianDraco> welcome to wikiFur! : )

<cchristianDraco> heh

<Lunar_S> Thank you ^_^

  • cchristianDraco wonders if Lunar_S knows how to do this *

<cchristianDraco> ?

  • Lunar_S does it with Trillian all the time

<cchristianDraco> okie dokie

<cchristianDraco> but it's good to add a "_*" at the end

<cchristianDraco> *

<cchristianDraco> : )

  • Lunar_S adds the * at the end *

<cchristianDraco> ^-^

<Splarka> that is not part of rfc1459

  • Splarka notes there is no need to do that

<cchristianDraco> yeah well, it's nice

  • Lunar_S doesn't know what a rfc1459 is *

<Splarka> google

<cchristianDraco> yeah, What the fuck is rfc459???

<Splarka> google

<cchristianDraco> no thanks, probly a YiffyMuck

<Splarka> in fact, different irc clients can display /action in different ways

<cchristianDraco> hmmm...

<cchristianDraco> ...

  • cchristianDraco is bored *

<Lunar_S> /action? I used /me

<cchristianDraco> i tried /action nothing

<Lunar_S> Nothing here either

<cchristianDraco> he means that /me is an action

<Splarka> well, you probably didn't know PRIVMSG was the command to send text to a user or channel

<Lunar_S> Oh, ok.

<Splarka> <- send with privmsg

<Splarka> <-

<Lunar_S> That had no effect.

<cchristianDraco> wow man really?

<cchristianDraco> woah

<cchristianDraco> I thought I knew you,,,,,

<cchristianDraco> lol "b

<Splarka> most irc clients don't let you use raw commands easily

<Lunar_S> I'm trying /privmsg splarka

<Splarka> you need to /quote or /raw

<Lunar_S> Ah

<Splarka> lunar: I got it

<Lunar_S> XD

<Splarka> "Words"

<Lunar_S> Ok

<Splarka> the CGI most likely doesn't support it at all

<Lunar_S> So anyway...

<cchristianDraco> /quote OscarWilde ask away! wont work

<cchristianDraco> : (


<Splarka> the cgi client doesn't need to bother with a full set of commands, since it sucks anyway

<Splarka> and PRIVMSG isn't really a user command like /msg or /query, it is a low level client command

<Splarka> like NOTICE and ACTION

<Lunar_S> Action isn't even on that list

<Lunar_S> Guess that's why it does nothing

<Splarka> /describe probably isn't either, nor /say

<Lunar_S> Nope

<Splarka> don't try to understand it, just realize that * is not how actions start, ACTION is, and it is up to the irc client to choose the display method (often: * <nick> text )

<Splarka> <text> even

<Splarka> the / isn't even the only command prefix character, you can define your own in mirc

<Lunar_S> Ok

<Splarka> like \ or ^ or ~ or .

<Splarka> or other fun stuff...

<Lunar_S> Makes perfect sense to me

<Lunar_S> In any event...

<Lunar_S> *ping*

<Lunar_S> Okie dokie then, I think I'm going to take off.

<Lunar_S> See you guys later.

      • Lunar_S left #wikifur []

<cchristianDraco> hmmm...

<cchristianDraco> hmmmm... I find it so interesting that a quarter of the articles here are mostly about sex, fetishes, yiffysex, porno/Spooge, and abnormal sexual featuring...

      • Lunar_S [] has joined #wikifur

<BasementCoder> Congratulations, welcome to Furry.

<Lunar_S> Thanks ^_^

<BasementCoder> Nono, not you, cchristianDraco :)

<BasementCoder> But welcome anyway @{

<Lunar_S> Ah

<BasementCoder> :), not @{

<Lunar_S> Ok, I was just like "wha?" Glad that's cleared up XD

<Lunar_S> I brought with me a drawing:


<Lunar_S> And I came to the realization that I think I'm a furry, so now I'm here. XD

<BasementCoder> Not bad. You've got basic anatomy down

<Lunar_S> Thanks.

<cchristianDraco> ice pic

<cchristianDraco> *nice

<Lunar_S> XD

<Toy_Dragon> it's pretty decent there.

<cchristianDraco> me likes

<cchristianDraco> :)

<cchristianDraco> now to blow the bandwdth so no one else can look

<Lunar_S> o_O

  • cchristianDraco pings teh pic, on 50 ports, 30GB data each *

<cchristianDraco> die piccy die!

<Lunar_S> O_o

<Lunar_S> XD

  • cchristianDraco wonders if Lunar thinks he is joking *

<Lunar_S> Tis still viewable.

<Lunar_S> XD

<cchristianDraco> yeah

<cchristianDraco> I stopped after a few GB

<cchristianDraco> so you're a fox?

<cchristianDraco> heh, heh, heh...

  • cchristianDraco is only joking, it's really not true, lions are more like that *

<cchristianDraco> hello?

<Lunar_S> Sorry. Had a phone call ^_^u

<Lunar_S> Yeah, I guess... I used to present myself as a part-fox XD

<cchristianDraco> huh?

<cchristianDraco> are you a fox?

<cchristianDraco> are you a fur??

<Lunar_S> I'm not sure how to answer that question <_<u

<Lunar_S> I really think so.

<Lunar_S> But I'm not quite sure yet.

<Lunar_S> But because I can come up with a sizable list of why I would be one, I guess I am.

<Lunar_S> Er...

<cchristianDraco> so...

<Lunar_S> Yes?

<cchristianDraco> youre a new member of the fandom?

<Lunar_S> Yes.

<cchristianDraco> ^-^

<cchristianDraco> Rat and GreenReaper.

<cchristianDraco> new Fur Fan'

<cchristianDraco> you know what that means we gotta do...

<cchristianDraco> : D

<cchristianDraco> oh well, they'll get back...

<cchristianDraco> meanwhile;

<cchristianDraco> so you're a furry, do you know what species you are?

<cchristianDraco> Fox?

<Lunar_S> Er... I dunno.

<Lunar_S> Sorry, I'm just new to the idea.

<Lunar_S> ^_^u

<cchristianDraco> well, what are a few animals do you like to look at the most?

<Lunar_S> Foxes and cats I like.

<cchristianDraco> hmmm... narrows it down

<Lunar_S> If I *were* one of the two, I think I'd be the fox, does that help?

<cchristianDraco> what about some personality traits? are you silly, calm, funny, stubborn?

<Lunar_S> Hmm...

<Lunar_S> I'm a bit of everything, really. Mostly logical and silly

<cchristianDraco> hmmm... what?

<cchristianDraco> how silly are you?

<cchristianDraco> like "i'm a crazzy balloon! Whee!!!!!!!! ^-^" silly?

<Lunar_S> Nay, not *that* silly XD

<cchristianDraco> okie dokie...

<cchristianDraco> hmmm....

<cchristianDraco> geee

<cchristianDraco> this next one may come off wrong...

<Lunar_S> Nah

  • cchristianDraco wonders if he should ask... *

<cchristianDraco> are you into sex?

<Lunar_S> Not really.

<cchristianDraco> hmmm...

<Lunar_S> Is that odd? 'cause it seems that's all that's everywhere : \

  • cchristianDraco crosses out lion

<cchristianDraco> but you might look at sexual stuff some times?

<cchristianDraco> possibly

<cchristianDraco> ?

<Lunar_S> I have a tolerance of it but I wouldn't go seeking it out.

<cchristianDraco> okie

  • cchristianDraco takes a point off of Fox and crosses out what was left of dog

<cchristianDraco> hmmm... what's your favorite game?

<Lunar_S> That one can change a lot, but one that I always liked is Tetris Attack, a puzzle game also known as Puzzle League.

<cchristianDraco> hmm..

<cchristianDraco> (pick's a video game and it's not action/thrill...

<cchristianDraco> color

<cchristianDraco> pick a color you associate with

<Lunar_S> I have like three favorite colors XD

<cchristianDraco> name them

<Lunar_S> Hold on


<cchristianDraco> lol

<cchristianDraco> ok

<cchristianDraco> pick an environment,

<cchristianDraco> like mine is inside my cave

<cchristianDraco> :b

<Lunar_S> Forest. Full of trees and leaves and stuff.

<cchristianDraco> hmmm...

  • cchristianDraco takes points off of cougar, hwat he thought she was... *

<Lunar_S> XD I'm not a girl

<cchristianDraco> *he

<cchristianDraco> lol

<Lunar_S> XD

  • cchristianDraco changes some scribbles

<Lunar_S> Although the pic would suggest otherwise XD

<Lunar_S> That was my latest work, a female version of my character, which I seem to have no link to : (

<cchristianDraco> are you gay straight bi not knowing?

<Lunar_S> Straight

  • cchristianDraco almost has one that matches well...

<Lunar_S> But I totally accept all others.

<Lunar_S> I have no problem with them.

<cchristianDraco> how long is your tail *

<Lunar_S> That's an odd question XD

<cchristianDraco> *would it be

<cchristianDraco> think

<cchristianDraco> hard

<cchristianDraco> think about it, but please come up with an answer sometime today, this is the last question

<Lunar_S> Like the one in the picture

<cchristianDraco> hmmm

<cchristianDraco> ahhh

<cchristianDraco> almost a tiger, but too social...

<Lunar_S> Hmm... I wanna point something out:

<cchristianDraco> what?

<Lunar_S> Did you get that?

<cchristianDraco> no

<cchristianDraco> what?

<Lunar_S> I used the privmsg command

<Lunar_S> Seems to not work.

<cchristianDraco> are you signed in to irc?

<Lunar_S> Yes.

<Lunar_S> Using Trillian

<Lunar_S> As before.

<cchristianDraco> click my name in the side bar

<Lunar_S> Yes. I've opened a window.

<Lunar_S> And said something.

<cchristianDraco> hmm

      • Sikon [n=Sikon@] has joined #wikifur

<Lunar_S> Hello!

<cchristianDraco> hi

<cchristianDraco> I can't find one that you would be!

<cchristianDraco> you seem a fox at first

<cchristianDraco> but you act more like a cougar

<Lunar_S> XD

<cchristianDraco> youre a "Couox"!

<Lunar_S> XD XD

<cchristianDraco> or a Fougar

<Lunar_S> That sounds silly XD

<cchristianDraco> yeah

<cchristianDraco> you aren't a normal fox

<cchristianDraco> your a small fox

<cchristianDraco> NO

<cchristianDraco> I know what you are!

<cchristianDraco> for real!

<cchristianDraco> Youre a Kitsune

<Lunar_S> XD

<Lunar_S> That one makes sense O_o

<cchristianDraco> a wolfy one, but still a kitsune'

<Lunar_S> That makes sense.

<Lunar_S> You're good

<cchristianDraco> Kitsune

<cchristianDraco> yep, loks right

<Lunar_S> Oh yeah, that's very correct

<cchristianDraco> what part>

<cchristianDraco> ?

<Lunar_S> A big lot of it. A very nice choice.

<Lunar_S> So now what?

<cchristianDraco> go draw kitsunes?

<Lunar_S> XD

<cchristianDraco> :b

<cchristianDraco> urk

<cchristianDraco> ugh........

<Lunar_S> Eh?

      • cchristianDraco is now known as emporerGreen

<Lunar_S> O_o

      • emporerGreen is now known as emperorGreen

<Lunar_S> XD

<emperorGreen> hmmm...

<emperorGreen> did I neglect to tell you something?

<Lunar_S> I dont know.

  • emperorGreen licks eyeball *

<emperorGreen> hmmm

<Lunar_S> Like I said, I'm new to-

<Lunar_S> O_o

      • Lunar_S is now known as Kitsune_Lunar

<Kitsune_Lunar> I like ^_^

  • emperorGreen is emulating his dragon form *

<emperorGreen> as usual

<emperorGreen> why am I licking my eye ball???

<emperorGreen> I'm no lizard!

<Kitsune_Lunar> I thought it was my eyeball XD

<Kitsune_Lunar> So I'm just like "Wha?!"

<emperorGreen> i could lick your eyeball...

<Kitsune_Lunar> O_o

<Kitsune_Lunar> *hides eyeball*

<emperorGreen> but then things might get a little complex...

<Kitsune_Lunar> -_O

<Kitsune_Lunar> Wait! The other is exposed!

<emperorGreen> so I wont

<Kitsune_Lunar> -_-

  • Kitsune_Lunar can't see now *

<emperorGreen> ^..^

<emperorGreen> ^. .^

      • Sikon is now known as LucidFox

<Splarka> -> Both of Cheney's daughters are pregnant, even though the only Dick in daughter Mary's life was her father, if you know what I'm sayin'

  • Splarka ughs at the pun

<emperorGreen> heh

<emperorGreen> splarky! we have a GUEST

<Splarka> saw

<emperorGreen> and thought?

<emperorGreen> "no"

<Splarka> dying of a cold at the moment

<emperorGreen> good!

  • Splarka germinates germs germanly

<Splarka> ...

<Kitsune_Lunar> O_O

<emperorGreen> if what does not kill you makes you strnger, think about what something that DOES kill you can do!

<Kitsune_Lunar> XD

<emperorGreen> poor lunar

<emperorGreen> only 2 tails

<Kitsune_Lunar> You say that, I picture Goku XD

  • Splarka swats cc with an injunction and some germs

<emperorGreen> traumatized by Splarka

<Kitsune_Lunar> I'm doing better than I thought I was, having two tails ^_^

  • emperorGreen is immune to petty human sickness!

<emperorGreen> ha ha!

  • emperorGreen gets away from splark before he tries to do something else
  • Kitsune_Lunar is currently more fox-like than human like so is resistant to human germs

<Kitsune_Lunar> Ha ha!

<emperorGreen> rawr!

      • LucidFox is now known as Sikon

<Kitsune_Lunar> O_o I just realized the time!

<Kitsune_Lunar> Sorry, gotta run!

<emperorGreen> night

<Kitsune_Lunar> See you guys later.

      • Kitsune_Lunar [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]

<Sikon> I don't get the trend for multi-tailed foxes

<Sikon> the drawings of them that I've seen look really weird

<emperorGreen> Kitsunes

<Sikon> whatever, still weird :)

<emperorGreen> tooo many posers

<emperorGreen> like dragons

<emperorGreen> but that guy WAS a kitsune

<Sikon> in real life? :p

<emperorGreen> kinda

<emperorGreen> he fit the profile

<Sikon> ...