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This is ME, installing linux. then ME going about the usual antics with Lunar.

      • cchristianJEW [i=432267b8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikifur

<cchristianJEW> simbab: how do I install that driver?

<simbab> open a terminal and type 'apt-cache search bcm43xx' without quotes

<simbab> tell me what you get

<cchristianJEW> how do I open a terminal again?

<simbab> in fact

<simbab> have a look here


<simbab> that should set you on the right course

<cchristianJEW> I don't get it.....

<simbab> just follow their instructions

<simbab> you need the firmware from the windows driver

<cchristianJEW> my eye receptors are broken.

<simbab> o.O

  • cchristianJEW has periods of serious occular dyslexia *

<cchristianJEW> this is one

<simbab> hmmm

<simbab> well maybe you should work on this later then

<cchristianJEW> no, I'm fine

<F_Kitsune> Like you can't read what it says?

<cchristianJEW> I can, does it make ssense? not unles I read it out loud and consider it...

<F_Kitsune> That's happened to me once O_o

<cchristianJEW> It happens to me ALOT

  • simbab sighs

<simbab> okay


<simbab> right

<simbab> applications -> accessories -> terminal

<cchristianJEW> you mean Peogram Files > accessories > Communiations > hyper terminal

<cchristianJEW> OMG! I have TELNET!

<cchristianJEW> yayz

<F_Kitsune> What on earth does that do anyway?!

<cchristianJEW> now I can use MUCKs

<simbab> it's not telnet

<simbab> it's just a terminal

<simbab> now

<cchristianJEW> it HAS tellnet

<simbab> type 'sudo apt-get install bcm43xx-fwcutter'

<cchristianJEW> with or without the ' s

<simbab> without

<cchristianJEW> under what option

<simbab> what do you mean 'what option'?

<cchristianJEW> errr...

<cchristianJEW> hold on

<simbab> well i hate to dodge out on you

<simbab> but i've got like a million things going on right now

<cchristianJEW> ok

<simbab> can this wait until later?

<cchristianJEW> i'll figure it out later

<simbab> ok

<cchristianJEW> bye

<simbab> i'll be back maybe tomorrow

<cchristianJEW> k see ya

<cchristianJEW> now my little kitsune friend... XD

<cchristianJEW> F_Kitsune

<F_Kitsune> Hmm?

<cchristianJEW> now


<cchristianJEW> what do you look like as a girl again?


<F_Kitsune> Well right now I'm full-fox form, with two tails

<cchristianJEW> ooo

<F_Kitsune> Then: XD

<cchristianJEW> full, kitsune you mean

<F_Kitsune> That's what I said : P

<cchristianJEW> but what was the pic?

<F_Kitsune> <-- XD


<cchristianJEW> tat's female Lunar?

<F_Kitsune> Hmm...

<F_Kitsune> It's so confusing, that one.

<F_Kitsune> See, I had an avatar character named Fox, and an avatar character named Lunar. And I kinda meshed them together and made my fursona

<F_Kitsune> Dont try to figure it out.

<F_Kitsune> I'll just say yes/no XP

<F_Kitsune> <-- add boobs to that, and you got it

<cchristianJEW> ol

<cchristianJEW> so it's not ?

<F_Kitsune> Nay, that would be the female variant of Fox

<cchristianJEW> ah.

<cchristianJEW> so, as I asked earlier

<F_Kitsune> Hmm?

<cchristianJEW> why are you a girl right now?

<F_Kitsune> 'cause

<cchristianJEW> 'cause it turns you on?

<cchristianJEW> :b

<F_Kitsune> : P No

<F_Kitsune> 'cause I can

<cchristianJEW> hmmmm.....

<cchristianJEW> is it a kitsune power that you have?

<cchristianJEW> and you are tempted to use it?

<F_Kitsune> I derive it from Fox's powers.

<cchristianJEW> for EVIL?

<cchristianJEW> XD

<F_Kitsune> Yes!

  • F_Kitsune gets out the TG Gun

<cchristianJEW> you sick seductress! >.<

  • F_Kitsune drops the TG Gun

<F_Kitsune> Oop!

      • cchristianJEW is now known as cchristianTP
  • Roger_The_Bum picks up the TG Gun
      • F_Kitsune is now known as F_Kitsune_Luna

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Nooo!

<Roger_The_Bum> hmm

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Now I have hands!

<cchristianTP> instad of paws...

<cchristianTP> okie dokie

<F_Kitsune_Luna> I need to watch what state I'm in before I go using guns

<cchristianTP> lol

<Roger_The_Bum> hmm

<cchristianTP> Roger> use it on yourself

<Roger_The_Bum> I need a target

<cchristianTP> it's cool

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Target yourself!

<cchristianTP> yeah

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Do it do it do it!

<Roger_The_Bum> /msg ScapeGoatServe Scapegoat #wikifur

<cchristianTP> it's a special effects raygun

      • Scapegoat [] has joined #wikifur

<Roger_The_Bum> here we go

<cchristianTP> lol

  • Roger_The_Bum shoots the gun at the scapegoat
      • Scapegoat is now known as Scapegoatse_cx

<cchristianTP> scapegoat is unnafected

<Roger_The_Bum> oh my

<Roger_The_Bum> :o

<Roger_The_Bum> scapegoatse

<cchristianTP> o at least, isn't supposed to be...

  • Scapegoatse_cx gives his photo to cchristianTP
  • cchristianTP llooks *
  • cchristianTP vomits all over Roger *
      • Scapegoatse_cx is now known as scapegoatse
      • scapegoatse is now known as Scapegoatse_cx
  • Roger_The_Bum shoots the gun at the vomit

<cchristianTP> how are you puppeteering so well

<cchristianTP> ?

      • Scapegoatse_cx is now known as Roger_The_Bum_

<Roger_The_Bum_> irssi

<Roger_The_Bum> can be

<Roger_The_Bum_> your friend

<cchristianTP> heh

  • Roger_The_Bum casts disintegrate on Roger_The_Bum_ for 200 MSP
      • Roger_The_Bum_ [] has quit [Client Quit]

<Roger_The_Bum> yay puppets

<cchristianTP> well... I prefer

      • ccPuppet [i=432267b8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikifur

<ccPuppet> this

<ccPuppet> hello cchristian!!!!!!!

<cchristianTP> hello

<ccPuppet> I <3 you soooo mutch!!!

<ccPuppet> I'm your BIGGIST FAN!!!!

<F_Kitsune_Luna> ...

  • F_Kitsune_Luna casts Meteo on ccPuppet

<ccPuppet> <3 <3 <3 <3

<Roger_The_Bum> ooh

<ccPuppet> blah!

<Roger_The_Bum> why all the nutsacks

<F_Kitsune_Luna> XD

<cchristianTP> what does that du?

<cchristianTP> what's meteo?

<F_Kitsune_Luna> <-- second one

<cchristianTP> ah

<cchristianTP> not good

<ccPuppet> me ish bured away *\

<F_Kitsune_Luna> In FFIV, it does 9999 damage

  • ccPuppet : -9999

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Unless *you're* using it

      • ccPuppet [i=432267b8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

<F_Kitsune_Luna> But I'm on the left side of the screen > : D

<cchristianTP> KO

<cchristianTP> Roger> use the gun.

<F_Kitsune_Luna> I have a variant of this spell that I dont dare use.

  • F_Kitsune_Luna gets out TG Gun

<cchristianTP> shoot Lunar

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Go on, I dare you.

  • F_Kitsune_Luna points it at Roger

<cchristianTP> do it!

<cchristianTP> ...

  • F_Kitsune_Luna considers drawing a picture of herself wielding the TG gun...

<cchristianTP> hmmmm....

  • F_Kitsune_Luna shoots CC!

<cchristianTP> MEEP!

  • cchristianTP ish zapped *

<cchristianTP> uhm.

  • cchristianTP looks down
  • cchristianTP is completely unnaffected *

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Variant #5, have fune with that

<F_Kitsune_Luna> O_o

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Immune?!

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Wait...

<F_Kitsune_Luna> You a dragon?

<cchristianTP> I think it only works on characters

<cchristianTP> no

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Completly human?

<cchristianTP> cchristianTP means ME MYSELF and I

<cchristianTP> no avatar

<F_Kitsune_Luna> Boring

      • F_Kitsune_Luna is now known as Lunar_Spirit

<Lunar_Spirit> See? Boring.

<cchristianTP> since there's nothing Imaginary/Emulated/persona about it, an object like that won't work

<Lunar_Spirit> Boooooring

  • Lunar_Spirit is bored

<cchristianTP> so I'm not affected.

<cchristianTP> Unless I do THIS!

      • cchristianTP is now known as cchristianDraco

<cchristianDraco> heh

      • Lunar_Spirit is now known as F_Luna_S

<cchristianDraco> NOW I'm a char

<cchristianDraco> :b

<F_Luna_S> But it still wont work

<F_Luna_S> Because dragons are resistant to magic

<cchristianDraco> why not?

<cchristianDraco> no, not this one

<F_Luna_S> It's fortunate this is technology, not magic

  • F_Luna_S shoots the CC

<cchristianDraco> eep! no!

<F_Luna_S> Variant #5, have fune with that

  • cchristianDraco ish zapped
      • cchristianDraco is now known as FcchristainDraco

<FcchristainDraco> grrr...

      • FcchristainDraco is now known as cchristainDraco

<cchristainDraco> the F was too wierd...

<cchristainDraco> so just remember

<F_Luna_S> What, you can't play a girl?

  • cchristainDraco takes the raygun from Lunar
  • cchristainDraco hides it in his scales *

<cchristainDraco> hah!

<cchristainDraco> : P

<cchristainDraco> * :p

<cchristainDraco> now

  • cchristainDraco takles Lunar for many tickles and noogies

<cchristainDraco> mwarg!

<cchristainDraco> >.<

      • JaeSharpZZZ is now known as JaeSharp

<JaeSharp> hey :)

<cchristainDraco> get him!

<F_Luna_S> Shoot him!

<RainRat> hi Jae

  • F_Luna_S glomps Jae
  • cchristainDraco pulls it out and hits jae!

<GreenHoliday> Be nice, he just woke up.

<JaeSharp> lol tf gun :)

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> nope, just got back from work :) didn't change my nick this morning

  • cchristainDraco shoots Rat (if he's here) *

<GreenHoliday> Slacker. ;-)

<JaeSharp> cchristainDraco> heh, thanks for adding to my forms collection... lol

<RainRat> Shoots me?

<cchristainDraco> hmm?

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> heh, what time is it there?

<cchristainDraco> Rat> youre a girl now

<F_Luna_S> RainRat: Ha ha, you got shot

<F_Luna_S> XD

  • JaeSharp does read EGS

<F_Luna_S> Jae: Good, tell CC what Variant #5 does to him

<F_Luna_S> er... her

<cchristainDraco> Lunar brought his GT gun, and NO ONE is safe

<JaeSharp> eh... <G>

<cchristainDraco> what's dat?

<cchristainDraco> uuuuhh, do I want to know?

<F_Luna_S> GT? Quit talking about your dragonballs, CC

<cchristainDraco> ?

<cchristainDraco> TG?

<F_Luna_S> You said GT

<cchristainDraco> what is this thing called?


<cchristainDraco> ??????

<F_Luna_S> That one is called the TG Gun

<cchristainDraco> oh ok

<F_Luna_S> One of which I currently dont have

<F_Luna_S> I am at the mercy of the shooter

<cchristainDraco> Rogina> I don't know mutch about DBZ

<Roger_The_Bum> neither do I

<cchristainDraco> then what's DOORAGONBORU HAI!

<Roger_The_Bum> and what kind of crap metanick is rogina?

<JaeSharp> heh, wha?

<cchristainDraco> care to change your's?

<Roger_The_Bum> I think that's how it's spellt in japan

<JaeSharp> cchristainDraco> answers your questions

<Roger_The_Bum> I went through a phase

<Roger_The_Bum> ahh

<Roger_The_Bum> that's what the tf gun is

<F_Luna_S> I wonder what happens if we hit him multiple times with Variant #5?

<JaeSharp> F_Luna_S> uh, scaryness.... ask Ted...

<cchristainDraco> heh

<cchristainDraco> so...

<cchristainDraco> what's the alternate?

<cchristainDraco> the reverse?

<F_Luna_S> The reverse of Female Variant #5?

<F_Luna_S> I'd suppose Male Variant #5

<cchristainDraco> yeah, to reverse the effects

<F_Luna_S> But I dont have a gun. I'm completly powerless to the shooters

  • JaeSharp makes a note to add a tf gun section to the wikipedia el goonish shieve article
  • cchristainDraco shoots Lunar *

<F_Luna_S> With?

  • cchristainDraco shoots Lunar with the TG gun on femVar5 again *

<cchristainDraco> ZAP!

  • F_Luna_S is hit
  • F_Luna_S looks down

<F_Luna_S> Curse those pheramone thingies!

<JaeSharp> oh dear...

<cchristainDraco> heh

<cchristainDraco> what did you have it set to?

<F_Luna_S> Hmm... who's a girl?

<cchristainDraco> everyone in here who I see

  • cchristainDraco hides the gun again
      • F_Luna_S is now known as Kitsune_Lunari_5

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> Look at me!

<cchristainDraco> what does that mean?

<cchristainDraco> link?

<cchristainDraco> description?

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> I'm male form, half fox, with the male variant #5 applied two times

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> Wait...

<cchristainDraco> uhh...

      • Kitsune_Lunari_5 is now known as Kitsune_Lunari_1

<Kitsune_Lunari_1> 0

  • JaeSharp changes back to his original preferred form...

<cchristainDraco> aww.....

      • Kitsune_Lunari_1 is now known as Kitsune_Lunari_5

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> Ok, just once then

  • cchristainDraco shoots him/herself back to norma *

<cchristainDraco> *normal

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> You should have been distracted! Why aren't you distracted?!

<cchristainDraco> I was a GIRL, now I'm a dragon

<JaeSharp> cchristainDraco> you know that female/male variants don't effect your species.. only your gender right?

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> But I became a furry guy with variant 5 on! You should have been distracted O_o

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> It makes no sense!

<JaeSharp> s/effect/affect

<cchristainDraco> I know jae

<JaeSharp> cchristainDraco> heh

<JaeSharp> cchristainDraco> so now instead of a girl dragon your a guy dragon heh... your previous sentence would've seemed to indicate that you thought otherwise....

<JaeSharp> heh

<cchristainDraco> yeah, my bad

<cchristainDraco> ^_^

<JaeSharp> no problem :) <G>

<cchristainDraco> Kitsune_Lunari_5> all kitsunes look similar when youe not one

<cchristainDraco> : )

<JaeSharp> seeing as how we're talking about fictional supertech heh

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> That logic...

<cchristainDraco> like all other species

<JaeSharp> ?

<Kitsune_Lunari_5> I cannot make sense of it!

<JaeSharp> I wouldn't think so... <g>

  • Kitsune_Lunari_5 dies of illogicallnessness
      • Kitsune_Lunari_5 is now known as Lunar_Spirit

<cchristainDraco> no, is common characterizational lore

<Lunar_Spirit> You killed my avatar!

<cchristainDraco> lol

<JaeSharp> the thing is the reason we weren't distracted is because you were a male half-fox variant five.... heh

<cchristainDraco> good

<Lunar_Spirit> Hmm... so you weren't distracted because I was half-fox

<Lunar_Spirit> So if you WERE half-fox, you'd be distracted...

<cchristainDraco> no, I don't care about kitsunes as a dragon, PERIOD

<JaeSharp> umm... no, it's the gender I think heh

<cchristainDraco> for me it's relative species

<Lunar_Spirit> But he was a girl.

<Lunar_Spirit> And you were too, I thought, Jae

<cchristainDraco> now if I were "fuzzball", THEN I would notice

<cchristainDraco> but would I care?

<cchristainDraco> not really

<cchristainDraco> he hardly even pays attention to girls...

<Lunar_Spirit> Hmm... there is only one thing to do.

<Lunar_Spirit> "Fuzzball"?

<JaeSharp> umm... are we going to go with cannon EGS or ?

<cchristainDraco> one of my RG fusonas

<Lunar_Spirit> ah

      • Lunar_Spirit is now known as Kitsune_Lunari

<cchristainDraco> *RP

<cchristainDraco> heh

  • Kitsune_Lunari teleports away for a second
  • Kitsune_Lunari teleports back

<JaeSharp> because it depends on the tf gun.... but I still retain my original sexuality according to the canon in most cases...

<cchristainDraco> you know we're over drawing in #wikia with all our name changes

<Kitsune_Lunari> Huh?

<JaeSharp> heh, as long as we don't flood the room with talk about the tf gun... heh

<cchristainDraco> #wikia is the master channel

  • Kitsune_Lunari meanwhile is holding an item
      • cchristainDraco is now known as this

<JaeSharp> cchristainDraco> you only bother it if you've /join'ed it

      • this is now known as a

<Kitsune_Lunari> Do they see our transformations?

<JaeSharp> no

<JaeSharp> just nickname changes if your in the channel

      • a is now known as nick_name
      • nick_name is now known as hah

<Kitsune_Lunari> Ah

  • Kitsune_Lunari configures the item

<JaeSharp> you can leave the room by using /leave or a client specific quit command, if you don't want that to happen

<hah> lawl

  • Kitsune_Lunari activates the item

<JaeSharp> oh dear... tf belt?

<JaeSharp> heh

      • Kitsune_Lunari is now known as Dragonness_Lunar

<Dragonness_Lunar> This is my first time being in a dragon form

<hah> hmm?

<Dragonness_Lunar> It stole my I!

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> how was the trip?

<hah> GROWL

<Dragonness_Lunar> My I is for fun, and it stole it!

      • hah is now known as cchristianDraco
  • Dragonness_Lunar points at CC

<Dragonness_Lunar> HA!

  • cchristianDraco growels *

<JaeSharp> you cloned heh

  • Dragonness_Lunar is not entirly sure what a half-dragon looks like

<GreenHoliday> IT was long, but otherewise OK. I was about the only person on the plane with a seat free next to me on the flight to the UK

  • cchristianDraco bears teeth at the unknown possible compettitor *

<Dragonness_Lunar> You went to UK? Awsome!

<cchristianDraco> hi Green

<cchristianDraco> yeah... He's been talking about it for weeks...

<cchristianDraco> heh

<cchristianDraco> now, as I was going...

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> nice :) How was security? heard it was tough...

  • cchristianDraco sniffs Lunar *

<cchristianDraco> he got probed  :b

<Dragonness_Lunar> O_o

<GreenHoliday> They care a bit less about people going out.

  • Dragonness_Lunar obtains a giant mallet from the air.
  • Dragonness_Lunar whacks CC

<cchristianDraco> ok, Lunar. this side is MYNE, no crossy!

<GreenHoliday> though security at London was also tight I've heard.

<Dragonness_Lunar> I LIKE the hammer ^_^

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> ah... what's planned, family stuff? :)

<GreenHoliday> Lots of police around. I didn't experience it.

  • cchristianDraco draws line marking most of the IRC channel to himself

<GreenHoliday> Pretyt much, trip up to Horkshire on Christmas Eve

<JaeSharp> cchristianDraco> heh, what's the point in that?

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> nice :)

<cchristianDraco> other Dragon = Competition

<cchristianDraco> oh, non dragons can do whatever

<cchristianDraco> : )

<Dragonness_Lunar> How about half-dragons?

<cchristianDraco> half?

<cchristianDraco> hmmm...

      • Dragonness_Lunar is now known as F_Kitsune_Drgn

<cchristianDraco> ok, fine, but ONE MOVE AND....

<cchristianDraco> k?

  • F_Kitsune_Drgn moves
  • F_Kitsune_Drgn moves in your general direction

<cchristianDraco> that's not what I meant, but whatever...

<cchristianDraco> Female? 0.o

<F_Kitsune_Drgn> I've *been*

<F_Kitsune_Drgn> "Dragonness_Lunari" <-- hint hint

<cchristianDraco> duh

<F_Kitsune_Drgn> But now I'm female half-dragon half-fox half-human

<cchristianDraco> well, it dosn't matter

<F_Kitsune_Drgn> I wonder if I get stat bonuses for that?

<JaeSharp> but that's three halves...

<JaeSharp> well actually four... <g>

<JaeSharp> GreenHoliday> nice to have you back :)

<F_Kitsune_Drgn> There's no logic!

<cchristianDraco> if your not a full dragon female, and you arren't here for... you know... then you arent any sort of care to me...

<JaeSharp> ?

<cchristianDraco> it makes sense to me Lunar!  : )

  • F_Kitsune_Drgn fiddles with the device

<cchristianDraco> (what you said)

<cchristianDraco> huh?

      • F_Kitsune_Drgn is now known as F_Kitsune
  • F_Kitsune fires the device at CC, stun-mode style!

<cchristianDraco> meep!

  • cchristianDraco ish stunned! *

<JaeSharp> logic should be evaluable without "sense" just reason

<cchristianDraco> owies!

<JaeSharp> will negates?

<F_Kitsune> Now you are the stunned, so now you cannot dodge THIS!

  • F_Kitsune fires the gun at CC

<cchristianDraco> which one?

<F_Kitsune> Oh snap, I named the object!

<F_Kitsune> Whoops

<F_Kitsune> I wonder if it has time reversal...

<cchristianDraco> so what did you mean?

<cchristianDraco> what are you doing?

<F_Kitsune> You did not get the pm?

<cchristianDraco> pm? no

<F_Kitsune> Bah.

<cchristianDraco> are you logged into Nickserv?

<F_Kitsune> I'm using Trillian if that helps

<cchristianDraco> that'd do it

<F_Kitsune> I dunt know anything about Nickserv

<cchristianDraco> you need to register

<F_Kitsune> Do I have to register all my forms?

<cchristianDraco> JaeSharp> tell her how to register

<cchristianDraco> any nicks

<cchristianDraco> but for you, I would say

<JaeSharp> F_Kitsune> well you'll have to type /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> where <password> is a password for your nick

<cchristianDraco> just Kitsune_Lunari

<JaeSharp> do this for your main nick

<JaeSharp> as your main nick

<cchristianDraco> and use CGI IRC for PMs

<cchristianDraco> so as not to have 50 nicks

  • JaeSharp munches on some salad

<cchristianDraco> mmmm...

<cchristianDraco> horse head salad...

<cchristianDraco> JaeSharp?

<cchristianDraco> Lunar?

<cchristianDraco> anyone?

<JaeSharp> wha?

<F_Kitsune> Done

<F_Kitsune> Did you get it now?

<cchristianDraco> Jae> can I have some? what kind of nimal is it?

<cchristianDraco> no, try again

<JaeSharp> cchristianDraco> hmm, it's vegatable

<cchristianDraco> gross!

<F_Kitsune> Now?

<F_Kitsune> Mmm... vegatable... lemme have some!

<cchristianDraco> YECH! why would you eat that shit!?

  • cchristianDraco is a nonmorphic dragon right now, so he only eats meat *

<F_Kitsune> Did you get it yet?

<cchristianDraco> emperorGreen> oh really?

<cchristianDraco> nvm, can I have some>

<cchristianDraco> ?

<F_Kitsune> The PM

  • cchristianDraco finds that dragons are omnivores *

<JaeSharp> depends on the universe...

<cchristianDraco> yep, got it.

<F_Kitsune> XD

<JaeSharp> eh, it's in the fridge just grab some :)

  • F_Kitsune rushes in and eats some
  • cchristianDraco eats some too!

<cchristianDraco> mmmm

<cchristianDraco> ./me munches, preoccupied *

  • cchristianDraco munches, preoccupied *

<cchristianDraco> mmmmm

  • F_Kitsune fires the gun again, targeting CC

<cchristianDraco> gahrhgh

  • cchristianDraco ish affected *
      • cchristianDraco is now known as cchristianKitsun
  • cchristianKitsun falls over under 3 tails

<cchristianKitsun> eep!

<F_Kitsune> How do you have 3?!

<Roger_The_Bum> uh oh

<cchristianKitsun> Cause I'm DAT good

<Roger_The_Bum> my ED temptations are too high

<Roger_The_Bum> hang on a sec

<cchristianKitsun> no

  • F_Kitsune points at CC "Hoo..."


<cchristianKitsun> Roger

<Roger_The_Bum> ok I'm good

<cchristianKitsun> don't

<cchristianKitsun> DESU?

  • F_Kitsune looks at CC with glazed look

<cchristianKitsun> uhh...

<cchristianKitsun> I'm male kitsune right?

<F_Kitsune> ....yaaaaaa...

<cchristianKitsun> and Lunar is a female kitsune?

<cchristianKitsun> hmmm..

  • cchristianKitsun thiks of the interesting possibilities *
  • F_Kitsune is immobiliz'd
  • cchristianKitsun grins devilishly *

<cchristianKitsun> imobilized?

<Roger_The_Bum> heh

<cchristianKitsun> why?

<Roger_The_Bum> it's like kalir vs kakun in #uncyc

<cchristianKitsun> Roger> is that YARN?!?!

  • F_Kitsune is distracted by CC

<cchristianKitsun> hmm?

<cchristianKitsun> what is it?

<cchristianKitsun> why are you staring at me ike that?

<F_Kitsune> must... change...

      • F_Kitsune is now known as F_Kitty_L

<cchristianKitsun> no.... dont...

<F_Kitty_L> It's the pheremone.

<Roger_The_Bum> what?

<Roger_The_Bum> yarn?

<cchristianKitsun> looks at the dangling object

<F_Kitty_L> *device runs out of MP*

      • F_Kitty_L is now known as F_Kitsune

<cchristianKitsun> hmmm?

<F_Kitsune> Ack! I registered F_Kitsune as my name O_o

  • F_Kitsune looks at CC
  • F_Kitsune is instantaniously distracted again

<cchristianKitsun> you can get more than 1

<cchristianKitsun> why?

<cchristianKitsun> look at the PM

<cchristianKitsun> F_Kitsune: look at the PM

<F_Kitsune> Did you not get mine?

<F_Kitsune> Do you have an alternative form of contact besides IRC?

<cchristianKitsun> theres one

<cchristianKitsun> yeah, but why?

<cchristianKitsun> uhhh

<F_Kitsune> Check my userpage on Wikifur for my contacts, lest we fall victim to these PM thingies


<F_Kitsune> I keep meaning to add that I'm a /me whore

<F_Kitsune> XD

<cchristianKitsun> HOLY SHIT

<F_Kitsune> Hmm? *looks back at CC*

  • JaeSharp reads about sleep paralysis...

<F_Kitsune> O_o

  • F_Kitsune is paralysis'd

<cchristianKitsun> paralysis?

<cchristianKitsun> I can do ANYTHING I want... XD

  • cchristianKitsun uses Lunar as a paperwhieght

<cchristianKitsun> XD

  • cchristianKitsun reads about paralisys cures *
  • cchristianKitsun may send another M to Lunar, if she reads the ones there... *


<JaeSharp> fascinating...

<cchristianKitsun> hate it >.<

<cchristianKitsun> ok, I PMed you Lunar

<JaeSharp> cchristianKitsun> why's that...

  • F_Kitsune is too busy being all distractified

<cchristianKitsun> I dn't like to wake up and not be able to move...

<cchristianKitsun> why?

  • cchristianKitsun looks down

<cchristianKitsun> EEEP!!!

<cchristianKitsun> YIFF!

  • cchristianKitsun rushes on clothes!
  • cchristianKitsun ish clothed *
  • F_Kitsune is now simply charmed

<JaeSharp> hah, don't you know that clothes don't change with the tf gun....

<JaeSharp> <g>

<cchristianKitsun> hmmm...

<F_Kitsune> Yay ^_^

<JaeSharp> lol

<cchristianKitsun> this is an interesting outfit I get

<cchristianKitsun> puffy shirt...

<JaeSharp> cchristianKitsun> yea for Seinfeld... I loved that episode

<cchristianKitsun> reminds me of that Dr. who episode with the clockwork robots

<cchristianKitsun> lol

<JaeSharp> oh yeah... heh

<cchristianKitsun> "she's a LOW TALKER!"

<cchristianKitsun> <3 sienfeld


<JaeSharp> ah wikipedia

<JaeSharp> funcruft if there ever was <g>... quick someone start a Seinfeld wiki

<cchristianKitsun> ot just a puffy shirt, and not THAT puffy

<JaeSharp> heh, the shirt is in the Smithsonian museum :)

<cchristianKitsun> is like a nice outfit from the rennisance

<F_Kitsune> *closes eyes* You're only wearing a shirt?

<cchristianKitsun> no

<cchristianKitsun> a jacket too

<cchristianKitsun> oh my WORD Lunar

<F_Kitsune> JaeSharp: Is he wearing pants?

<cchristianKitsun> get a life

<JaeSharp> F_Kitsune> look for yourself... not interested in finding out... <g>

<F_Kitsune> Thank you, but I already have 99, I cant get more than that.

<JaeSharp> heh

  • cchristianKitsun is wearing pants, but jae isn't telling is he? *

<F_Kitsune> *looks*

<F_Kitsune> Lies!

<F_Kitsune> *closes eyes again*

<cchristianKitsun> no, jae dosn't see it because he is human

<cchristianKitsun> (?)

<JaeSharp> did I say I'm human? heh

<F_Kitsune> Oh, than what are you?

<cchristianKitsun> yeah what?

  • F_Kitsune is keeping mind free of pantslessness

<JaeSharp> < polymorph, indeterminate form... humanoid, no definition just yet... until I say so anyway :)

<Roger_The_Bum> yeah...

<F_Kitsune> So you're like Beast Boy?

  • Roger_The_Bum sets mode -pants F_Kitsune's mind

<F_Kitsune> Nooooo!

  • F_Kitsune asplodes
      • F_Kitsune is now known as Lunar_Spirit

<Lunar_Spirit> You killed my avatar character again!

<cchristianKitsun> hold on, the doctor is solving the "one gives correct and the other lies" riddle fo his companion's life

<cchristianKitsun> heh, lol

<JaeSharp> I suppose, though the character isn't quite so petulant <g>

      • Lunar_Spirit is now known as Kitsune_Lunari

<JaeSharp> and it doesn't have a neutral form...

<Kitsune_Lunari> Ha! I am resistant to your pantslessness

<cchristianKitsun> I'm not wearing anything then

  • cchristianKitsun strips

<cchristianKitsun> I don't like clothes as non humanish, they itchy >.<

<Kitsune_Lunari> Beast Boy, petulant?

<cchristianKitsun> Beast Boy is a petulant bitch.

<cchristianKitsun> :b

<JaeSharp> hah, or naive...

  • cchristianKitsun walks over toward Lunar. *

<cchristianKitsun> hello!

<Kitsune_Lunari> <-- that beast boy is the one I like

<Kitsune_Lunari> You ever seen Beast Girl?

  • cchristianKitsun is standing half a metre from lunar

<Kitsune_Lunari> CC: Oh?

<Kitsune_Lunari> Hello

<cchristianKitsun> Kitsune_Lunari> tailhug?

  • Kitsune_Lunari hugs

<JaeSharp> heh

  • cchristianKitsun ish hugged, remember he is not wearing clothing, and asked for TAILhug only *

<cchristianKitsun> :b

<cchristianKitsun> he he hee

  • Kitsune_Lunari yawns
  • JaeSharp is going to get some sleep...

<JaeSharp> see you guys tomorrow :)

<cchristianKitsun> ok

      • JaeSharp is now known as JaeSharpZZZ

<cchristianKitsun> night

<Kitsune_Lunari> Night

<cchristianKitsun> bye

<JaeSharpZZZ> thanks :)

<cchristianKitsun> so... Lunar

<Kitsune_Lunari> Hmm?

<cchristianKitsun> I'm bored, let's do something.

<Kitsune_Lunari> Hmm?

<cchristianKitsun> I dunno

  • Kitsune_Lunari has to go in 10 minutes

<cchristianKitsun> aww...

<cchristianKitsun> go where?

<Kitsune_Lunari> Austrailia XD

<Kitsune_Lunari> Not that I have to "go" anywhere physically, but I will have to leave this computer.

<Kitsune_Lunari> But I'll return later

<cchristianKitsun> well, use the object again, and have fun in Austrailia...

<Kitsune_Lunari> XD

<cchristianKitsun> actually...

<cchristianKitsun> can I see the object?

<cchristianKitsun> so I can copy it?

<Kitsune_Lunari> I stole this!

<cchristianKitsun> and use it?

<Kitsune_Lunari> By copying it!

<Kitsune_Lunari> I dunno if it can be copied twice.

<cchristianKitsun> well, I want one too

<cchristianKitsun> I can copy it

  • Kitsune_Lunari teleports away

<cchristianKitsun> no!

  • Kitsune_Lunari teleports back

<cchristianKitsun> aww...

<Kitsune_Lunari> O_o

<cchristianKitsun> : )

  • Kitsune_Lunari teleports away
  • Kitsune_Lunari teleports back

<cchristianKitsun> like a YO-YO

<Kitsune_Lunari> I got something on me that should have stayed behind.

<Kitsune_Lunari> A cat, to be specific

<Kitsune_Lunari> Nasty things always jumping in my teleports

  • Kitsune_Lunari chucks object at CC

<cchristianKitsun> what is it?

<cchristianKitsun> turn me back before you go

<Kitsune_Lunari> It's Tedd's TF gun

<cchristianKitsun> hmmm....

  • cchristianKitsun messes

<Kitsune_Lunari> Messes?

      • cchristianKitsun is now known as cchristianDraco

<Kitsune_Lunari> ah

<cchristianDraco> there we go!

      • cchristianDraco is now known as cchristianTP
  • cchristianTP copies the object *
  • cchristianTP tosses the origional back to Lunar

<Kitsune_Lunari> Now we have 3 of them O_o

  • Kitsune_Lunari already had the original copy, had made a copy off the original not copy

<Kitsune_Lunari> And gave you that copy

<cchristianTP> hmmm......

  • Kitsune_Lunari now has to go

<Kitsune_Lunari> See you later

<Kitsune_Lunari> I'd say have fun with that TF gun, but...

<Kitsune_Lunari> XD

<cchristianTP> ok

<cchristianTP> bye

      • cchristianTP is now known as cchristianDraco
      • Kitsune_Lunari [] has quit ["*hugs"]

<cchristianDraco> hmmm...

      • simbab_ [] has joined #wikifur