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note that:

  1. nobody cares
  2. me and GreenReaper are mocking him


  1. he is quoting a book, though I don't know which one...
      • JoeShmoe [i=_____@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #wikifur

<cchristianJEW> hallo

<cchristianJEW> wie Sie heute seiend sind?

<cchristianJEW> : )

<cchristianJEW> I mean:

<cchristianJEW> hello

<JoeShmoe> glücklich

<cchristianJEW> ??

<JoeShmoe> I mean: ecstatic

<cchristianJEW> ???

<cchristianJEW> : )

<JoeShmoe> is there a problem?

<cchristianJEW> nope

<cchristianJEW> just ,e

<cchristianJEW> *me

<JoeShmoe> tell me, jew, what brings you here tonight?

<cchristianJEW> *cchristian, not Jew

<cchristianJEW> I'm here alot

<JoeShmoe> do you have any particular reason to be spending your time this way?

<cchristianJEW> um...

<cchristianJEW> it's late at night, and I'm bored?

<JoeShmoe> but why this specific channel?

<JoeShmoe> there are billions of other things to do

<cchristianJEW> uh

<cchristianJEW> #wikia is for official stuff

<JoeShmoe> what are you inside?

<JoeShmoe> this image you're giving me is unclear

<JoeShmoe> don't try to shift the issue

<cchristianJEW> #uncyclopedia is a little to crowded

<JoeShmoe> why are you in the fur channel if you don't act that way

<cchristianJEW> because it's too dark to ride my bike to a club or suc and tere are no parrties

<cchristianJEW> huh?

<cchristianJEW> Furryfailsatliefe> is that you?

<JoeShmoe> more like 'purr' ties

<JoeShmoe> who is failsatlife?

<cchristianJEW> a troll...

<cchristianJEW> wh is receptive

<JoeShmoe> more than a troll, right?

<cchristianJEW> no

<JoeShmoe> are you saying to me that i am believed to be a.. a troll?

<cchristianJEW> Internet Troll: someone who logs on to bug/anger people

<cchristianJEW> I don't know

<JoeShmoe> are you calling me a troll? that's a little simpler

<cchristianJEW> are you?

<JoeShmoe> because i want to make it very clear that I am NOT a troll

<cchristianJEW> oh, ok

<JoeShmoe> labeling myself that way would go far to tarnish my image that i uphold

<JoeShmoe> and if you or any other denizens in satan's world think otherwise

<JoeShmoe> well, you can't have me!

<cchristianJEW> what image is that?

<JoeShmoe> so there.

<cchristianJEW> Huh?

<JoeShmoe> i will never be associated with evil

  • cchristianJEW is confused *

<cchristianJEW> who's evil?

<JoeShmoe> by the power of christ, are you evil?

<JoeShmoe> i must ask you

<JoeShmoe> you seemed to harm me, so I must ask you

<cchristianJEW> Christianity is evil

<JoeShmoe> are you evil?

<cchristianJEW> hear me out

<JoeShmoe> this has nothing to do with christianity. im sure it is

<JoeShmoe> im talking about right and wrong

<JoeShmoe> yin and yang

<JoeShmoe> god and satan, whoever you want to call them

<cchristianJEW> Christians KILL people, and claim that God tld them to do so

<JoeShmoe> beginning and the end

<cchristianJEW> ok

<JoeShmoe> im not talking about christianity

<cchristianJEW> no I don't fuck animals.

<JoeShmoe> many formal religions have odd loopholes and antiquities

<cchristianJEW> is that what you want?

<JoeShmoe> oh

<cchristianJEW> is it?

<JoeShmoe> no, that's really not

<JoeShmoe> i don't care if you fuck animals or not

<cchristianJEW> ok, then secify

<cchristianJEW> *specify

<JoeShmoe> shit, they probably enjoy it, with all the stuff they live through

<cchristianJEW> ??????

<cchristianJEW> are you a Furry?

<JoeShmoe> i was just asking you if you were evil (since you accused me of being a troll, or almost did) because i can in no way, shape or associated with evil

<cchristianJEW> ok

<cchristianJEW> good to hear...

<JoeShmoe> ok

<cchristianJEW> I guess

<JoeShmoe> am I a Furry? I'm not sure what kind of question that is

<JoeShmoe> I am simply a human experience

<JoeShmoe> a possibility, an extension of others

<JoeShmoe> i am all equivalent things

<cchristianJEW> hmmmm...

<cchristianJEW> are tyou my fairy-godmother?

<JoeShmoe> maybe i am this way, maybe im not. but those are circumstances dictated not by me, but to other things

<cchristianJEW> I WANNA PONY!

<JoeShmoe> nobody would ever call me a furry, but that's it

<cchristianJEW> : b

<JoeShmoe> fairy-godmother?

<JoeShmoe> what are you talking about, son?

<JoeShmoe> i ain't no woman

<JoeShmoe> i don't think ive ever said that before

<JoeShmoe> but there you have it

<cchristianJEW> well, Vorgath, if that REALLY is your name

<cchristianJEW> Why are YOU here?

<cchristianJEW> hmm?

<JoeShmoe> I am here because I was looking

<cchristianJEW> oh ok

<JoeShmoe> looking for answers to questions that would soon reveal themselves

<cchristianJEW> huh?

  • GreenReaper is watching, amused.

<cchristianJEW> lol

<JoeShmoe> amused?

<cchristianJEW> GR help!

<JoeShmoe> who are you to say that you are amused?

<JoeShmoe> are you exerting your universal importance over mine?

<cchristianJEW> don't just sit there on your furry ass!

<GreenReaper> Yep.

<JoeShmoe> are you saying that you are worth more than me?

<cchristianJEW> yes

<GreenReaper> Possibly.

<cchristianJEW> lol

<Splarka> green: this is a good bit of theatre

<JoeShmoe> how can that be so? how does anybody have the power or the knowledge to decide that?

  • Splarka offers popcorn
  • cchristianJEW eats it all! *

<JoeShmoe> even if it were true only in this society

<GreenReaper> Well, I don't know about you, but I use my personal value estimator at

<JoeShmoe> what worth would some person truly have?

<JoeShmoe> in the greater picture?

<GreenReaper> It has stocks, bonds, short term reserves and cultural influence all in a nice pie chart.

<JoeShmoe> it is impossible to tell by any human mind. that is all I am saying

<JoeShmoe> or at least today's human mind

<JoeShmoe> more technically speaking

<cchristianJEW> vorgath> you aint a philosipher.

<JoeShmoe> I never said that!

<JoeShmoe> do not quote me!

<cchristianJEW> stop being dicky like one!  : b

<cchristianJEW> : )

<JoeShmoe> Don't you remember what your mother told you? "Ain't ain't a word and you ain't gonna say it"

<JoeShmoe> I admit, I have my pitfalls.

<cchristianJEW> nope!

<JoeShmoe> But I "ain't," so to speak.

<JoeShmoe> so I suppose we're back full circle to where we started

  • cchristianJEW sighs *

<JoeShmoe> wie Sie heute seiend sind?

      • cchristianJEW is now known as Mr
      • Mr is now known as Mr_T

<JoeShmoe> :)

<JoeShmoe> I mean:

<JoeShmoe> hello

  • Mr_T pities the fool *
      • Mr_T is now known as cchristianDraco

<JoeShmoe> Mr T ain't pitying scrap with his profound inability to spell his name

<cchristianDraco> ugh

  • cchristianDraco pities the fool more *

<cchristianDraco> for being Foolish

<JoeShmoe> to put it in lighter terms, and do not be offended, but perhaps the question should be do you fuck unicorns ?

<JoeShmoe> shit, I shouldn't have said that

<JoeShmoe> that wasn't even funny

<JoeShmoe> sorry

<cchristianDraco> no...

<JoeShmoe> i will henceforth slay down the evil insidee

<cchristianDraco> o maybe

<JoeShmoe> and I shall say, no more!

<cchristianDraco> yes, I fucked a unicorn, ok!?

<JoeShmoe> ..shall you invade my mind

<JoeShmoe> .

<JoeShmoe> (emphasized period)

<Splarka> ...magic unicorn mayonnaise...

<cchristianDraco> Green> it was a CRAZY night at the myhical RPG IRC

<JoeShmoe> that'd probably be something you people would make a product for, right?

<JoeShmoe> Mumsey brand magic unicorn mayonnaise! All the flavor of fantasy in your own fridge door?"

<JoeShmoe> I mean, come on

<JoeShmoe> the stuff you guys come up with is so absurd

<JoeShmoe> sometimes I wonder if you're really the chosen race or not

<JoeShmoe> do you want to hear a story?

<cchristianDraco> we dragons typically are...

<cchristianDraco> YES!

  • cchristianDraco loves stories *

<JoeShmoe> I promise you, you will enjoy the ride, so to speak

<JoeShmoe> Anybody else officially on for the ride?

<cchristianDraco> : )

<JoeShmoe> Last call.

<Splarka> who is this 'you people' you refer to?

<cchristianDraco> GreenReaper

  • Splarka was misquoting an episode of Robot Chicken

<JoeShmoe> are you listening or not? It's not directed at you personally

<JoeShmoe> Here goes

<cchristianDraco> okie dokie


<JoeShmoe> You are..pretty much considered to be "the chosen race"

<JoeShmoe> It isn't just you in your world. There are others outside of you

<cchristianDraco> really?

<JoeShmoe> It may seem impossible because the universe is so large, how it seems things are so far away

<JoeShmoe> But it's an illusion

<JoeShmoe> think of it as a dimensional one-way mirror

<cchristianDraco> (great fiicticious subplot)

<JoeShmoe> we're practically right there in manageable time away

<cchristianDraco> - David Ike

<JoeShmoe> you just can't see us like we can see you

<JoeShmoe> We developed ways to sense things through this 'dimensional mirror'

<cchristianDraco> - wrinkle in time

<cchristianDraco> Gordon R. Dickson

<JoeShmoe> It's able to, but only at an extreme cost

<JoeShmoe> We're talking much, much bigger than nuclear

<JoeShmoe> You might get to that point, too. But that's something else

<JoeShmoe> How else can I explain it?

<cchristianDraco> simply

<JoeShmoe> You're half real and half part of this experiment

<cchristianDraco> cool

<Splarka> "you" = americans? furries? english speakers? what?

<JoeShmoe> I represent the experiment's...'men'

<JoeShmoe> And

<JoeShmoe> Many believe that you are capable of 'breaking out' of the experiment

<cchristianDraco> nope

<JoeShmoe> Think of it as bacteria 'devouring' a petri dish

<cchristianDraco> not gonna happen

<JoeShmoe> people escaping imminent doom

<JoeShmoe> You have shown remarkable progress over any other experiment of anything else

<JoeShmoe> We studied the material makeup of millions of different stars

<JoeShmoe> and saw patterns in some of their intensities

<JoeShmoe> almost how you have created things like Hubble

<JoeShmoe> Just with this energy we'll call...neofuel

<JoeShmoe> There is no true word in your language to describe it

<cchristianDraco> lol, like neopets

<JoeShmoe> Oh God, no.

<JoeShmoe> That thing took consumerish a step too far.

<cchristianDraco> Cause english SUCKs

<JoeShmoe> Regardless, let me continue.

<cchristianDraco> yes, continue

<JoeShmoe> We ended up having members assigned to different 'star' units, to represent them

<cchristianDraco> like talent agents

<JoeShmoe> not exactly to represent, but to investigate...yes, I suppose you could say that

<JoeShmoe> We've been able to observe your planet for quite some time now

  • cchristianDraco gasps! *

<JoeShmoe> Records go back a long way, and you were actually removed from the list

<JoeShmoe> Well, almost removed

  • cchristianDraco runs outside to moon the heavens! *

<JoeShmoe> Some of us still managed to remember your coordinates

<JoeShmoe> By the time we were able to buy sensor time to evaluate you again, there had been an enormous change

<JoeShmoe> The sheer number of enstars out there is overwhelming

<JoeShmoe> It must have taken literally millions of your years for it to have happened again

<JoeShmoe> Regardless, your planet is showing a remarkable capability to adapt, construct, and permeate

<JoeShmoe> You may think that your planetary environment was 'just right' for life to happen

<cchristianDraco> no thanks to humanity...

<cchristianDraco> no

<JoeShmoe> I'm sure you'd be surprised to hear that in universal terms, it was quite turbulent?

<cchristianDraco> not really...

<JoeShmoe> It is amazing that any life, let alone you existing now is quite a feat

<JoeShmoe> As a reference point, let's say you were moved to the "Hopeless gas-ball" pile

<JoeShmoe> if you understand the reference

<JoeShmoe> When I said you were part of an experiment earlier

<JoeShmoe> Well, it's really more of just a universal investigation

<JoeShmoe> Our committee has been funded for generations to establishing and creating the fundamental rules of this universe

<cchristianDraco> your rules suck

<JoeShmoe> We understand much, and soon we shall have reached the final days of searching

<JoeShmoe> And we shall be One, and Know, and Be the Universe

<JoeShmoe> I see you are taken aback, yes?

<cchristianDraco> nope

<cchristianDraco> just sleepy

<JoeShmoe> Perhaps, unimpressed?

<JoeShmoe> Unbelieving?

<cchristianDraco> uncaring

<JoeShmoe> How ironic, might I say

<cchristianDraco> you OBVIOUSLY haven't been watching this planet too well...

<cchristianDraco> Nobody cares

<JoeShmoe> That MY address was unreceived and ignored.

<cchristianDraco> nope

<cchristianDraco> Nobody cares

<JoeShmoe> He told me, and I quote, "You will never succeed. You will never succeed because it is the way of the Universe"


<JoeShmoe> well, I suppose that's not a direct quote

<JoeShmoe> but a quote enough for you!

  • cchristianDraco is still apathetic
      • cchristianDraco is now known as notCaring

<notCaring> don't care

      • notCaring is now known as cchristianDraco

<JoeShmoe> I would ask what I could do to convince you, but I suppose that isn't going to happen, is it?

<JoeShmoe> You people just don't believe things without 'proper' proof

<cchristianDraco> no convincing needed

<cchristianDraco> what makes you and your kind so assumptive

<cchristianDraco> ?

<JoeShmoe> One might say, that is the "Faith" fallacy!

<cchristianDraco> first: you assume that I do not already know all of this

<cchristianDraco> second: you assume that you and your kind are at the "top level" so to speak.

<JoeShmoe> I assume you know because it is impossible for you to know

<JoeShmoe> Second, I am not representing a "top level"

<JoeShmoe> only a different one

<cchristianDraco> third: you assume that I am one of the denziens of earth

<cchristianDraco> you have not EVER considered the possibility...

<cchristianDraco> ... that YOU are in fact, an Experiment.

<JoeShmoe> Yes, that is the Chemist Dilemma

<cchristianDraco> and that EARTH is conducting that experiment in what the call 3145 CE

<cchristianDraco> as they are (knowingly) part f another experiment\

<JoeShmoe> and may I say to you

<JoeShmoe> that you are beginning to offend me

<JoeShmoe> and I will not take my reception lightly

<cchristianDraco> And I one conducting it?

<JoeShmoe> You would have to tell me information I didn't know

<JoeShmoe> Because that's what I have done for you

<cchristianDraco> you will not even begin to comprehend the, oh, Multi-Master-Multiverse

<cchristianDraco> would be your word

<JoeShmoe> Then let these be my final words

<cchristianDraco> thats nice

<cchristianDraco> tell it to president bush

<cchristianDraco> HE cares

<cchristianDraco> ...

<cchristianDraco> is he gone?

<JoeShmoe> I am afraid my duty has disallowed me from communication. Please know that no malice and only proper knowledge has perpetuated this meeting. Please do not forget these words, as many end up doing. Know that there is something greater than you, and please pursue that path.

<cchristianDraco> sure whatever

<JoeShmoe> Good-bye

  • cchristianDraco still does not care *
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<cchristianDraco> toodles

<cchristianDraco> MAN WAS THAT GUY A FREAK OR WHAT?!?!