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+++ simbab_ [] has quit ["lunchtime"]

+ cchristianJEW gets himself some food

<cchristianJEW> ...

+ GreenHoliday has people to do that for him.

<GreenHoliday> It's a norn's life!

<cchristianJEW> wow Rat... you can really edit...

<RainRat> aye

  • cchristianJEW attacks Fuzzy Things some more *
  • cchristianJEW stals a pic for the infobox

<cchristianJEW> Knoppix is done!

  • cchristianJEW burns a knoppix OS CD

<EarthFur> my computer session at library expires in five minutes

<cchristianJEW> heh

<GreenHoliday> Maybe it should be mentioned on the Foxtail Comics page then.

<EarthFur> session expiring bgye

      • EarthFur left #wikifur []

<cchristianJEW> heh

  • cchristianJEW has put up some transcripts