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this is in my namespace because I said so, but you may edit i or otherwise treat it like a real one
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Zarkla "fuzzball" is the name of cchristian's current fursona, while his species and build are subject to change, he is typically a Blue male Wolf of a little known abstract species called a Shadow DarkWolf.

In battles and other hostile situations; he is Fast, covert, and has some very usefull hidden abilities, one of which is semi-telekinetic powers.''''

For weapons; he carries a Katana, which he is quick and skilled in, and sometimes a handgun, which he dosn't really use. other known weapons include: throwing daggars, a shotgun, a second katana, telekinetic attacks...

Species subject to change; he is NOT a "shapeshifter", that is stupid, and besides, only noobs choose shapeshifter as a species. he is not an illusionist, it's real physical change. He changes either

  • when he is killed or mortally injured in some way (terminal illness counts too),
  • when he crosses through any sort of transition between worlds, or
  • when he is not around for a while and chooses to

forms; in order of appearance and/or usage:

  • Black and Blue Wolf mentioned above, wearing a cloak and jeans (unless otherwise)
  • Shaggy red fox wearing a brown, white, or black trenchcoat (Zarla had some influence here)
  • "Carnivorous Jackaroo" it's a cross between a kangaroo and a Jackrabbit, only canivorous...
  • Draconic Darkwolf (secret) he only changes into this when he needs to