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Cave McMahon (born April 10, 1989) is a furry from Ocoee, Florida USA. His fursona is a black horse. He's a furry artist of all types which means he's a commissioner artist (he comes up with the idea and the artist does it for him).

About Cave[edit]

Description of his horse Character: Species: Horse Gender: Male Fur: Black fur all over his body with white fur around his ankles and wrists. Height: 7-8 feet Weight: 500 pounds Hands: He has white hands with black tips that resemble hooves Feet: He has black hooves surrounded by white fur. Hair and Tail: His hair and tail are both black with red and orange colors at the tip of them. Chest: He has a green pawprint on his left chest. Head: He has a white peace symbol in the middle of his forehead Butt: He has two blue handprints on his horse bottom. Clothes: He has a brown fringe leather jacket, a black shirt with a white peace symbol, blue jeans, and purple hippie sunglasses. Cave is a cool and groovy horse. He's always nice and good natured. Always tries to help others and bring out the best in everyone. And he loves to ROLEPLAY!! :veryhappy: He's a very sweet-loving-nice-caring horse who doesn't ignore anyone and accepts just about anyone.

Art and Merchandise[edit]

He has icons, badges, drawings, photographs, two fursuit heads, a hoodie, three plushies (two feral, one anthro), a plush backpack, a hat, and a partial fursuit (hoodie combined with the heads). His full fursuit won't be completed till April 2016. Second plush backpack completion date still unknown. He is a very very heavy roleplayer on FurAffinity. Meaning he's on there every single day.

Friendship and watcher status[edit]

He finds friends by watching others on FurAffinity. Some become friends with him instantly like in no time while others wait till he posts something that they really like. 2714 watchers on FurAffinity so far and 3515th place according to


Megaplex 2012 Steam Punk Themed, Megaplex 2013 Rockin' at the Hop Themed, Megaplex 2014 Candy Factory Themed, and Megaplex 2015 Cops and Robbers


  • He tries to get every artwork from every artist there is.
  • To try to be the best that he can be.
  • Keep making more friends and keeping the old ones as long as possible.
  • Hopefully one day make everyfur like each other instead of forming little groups.


He has yet to receive one.

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