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Cassidy Civet, or Cassidy The Civet, (born September 17, 1998) is a female transgender Malayan Civet who lives in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. She was born male but hasn't begun transitioning.

Personal Information and History[edit]

Her first convention was VancouFur 2016, also attending Howloween for the first time that same year. She made her staff debut at VancouFur 2017 in which she was the Variety Show lead (and host with Potoroo), as well as an actress in the Opening and Closing ceremonies (only having a speaking role in the former). She also made her Fursuit Parade debut in Trapa's original African Civet suit.

Cassidy Civet found the furry community around 2012. She had long been interested in anthropomorphic cartoons and media, and it was through her short lived obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog that she found the fandom. Before she knew the fandom existed however, she had posted pictures of Fursuits on Facebook in adoration and fascination.

Her fursona choice of a Malayan Civet came from the most unusual of sources. While watching Survivor Caramoan, the camera cut briefly to a civet in the jungle. This caught Cassidy's eye and she took a rather low quality photo of it with her phone. She began showing it to everyone she could find in hopes that someone would know what it was. It wasn't until she asked the internet that she got her answer. She picked her species more than a year after making her first FurAffinity account. The name Cassidy wasn't decided on for another year or so. Another name that was considered was Celeste, but was ultimately rejected for being too similar to Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic even though it was inspired by a character from Babar.

Music and Art[edit]

Cassidy is a musician who frequently publishes music of all genres, most specifically songs in her favorite genres of Pop Music, EDM and Adult Contemporary. She often says her favorite genre of music isn't classical because of the personal touches that can be applied to songs with singers. Though most often finding herself as a producer, she'd much rather be the vocal presence on her songs. She also tends to post her music under her real name and not her furry name, and this has lead to some conflicts.

In addition to music, Cassidy also has an interest in art and drawing. She sketches and draws occasionally but doesn't tend to post a lot. She attended a summer course on Animation in 2016 which taught her some things, but mostly put her skills into perspective. She does enjoy designing clothes for her sona though.