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Character: Carrion

Species: Vulture-Hyena hybrid

Gender: Undetermined

Back Story:

While on a summer vacation, a pride of lions discovered an abandoned nest in the middle of a dry brittle savanna containing one egg. Out of curiosity the alpha female gathered up the egg and held it up to the sunlight and saw it contained a wiggling living baby inside. In sympathy she decided to care for and hatch this orphan and raise it as her own.

Once hatched and a day old, the child looked like nothing they had ever seen before. With the mealy spots and tiny toes and tail of a hyena and the wings, neck, and head of a vulture this creature appeared as an abomination to all save for he one female lion that this being would call "Mom".

Carrion was a polite child and would wait for everyone else to have their fill before eating the less savory pieces of every kill, picking it clean to the bone, sometimes eating the bones themselves. Growing up as part of a pride made them feel at ease around felines. Unfamiliar with either vultures or hyena, they have yet to get in touch with their roots in that regard.