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Captain Foxx (Created March 8, 2002) is the furry artist from Arizona from the US (yeah, don't visit in the summer, trust me XD). His fursona is an alien blue fox (known as Canari) whose real name is Samuel Theylin Foxxmorgan, and is Alpha Captain of the C.D.F. (Canari Defense Forces), though his friends just usually call him Foxx.

Though before Foxx was created, he had a different fursona, a grey wolf by the mane of Jack Monday, a reporter/detective who starred in a number of comics before Foxx was created and favored over.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Captain Foxx First joined the furry community May 11, 2002 on the art site DeviantArt under the user name Thecaptainfoxx, as how his intended name was already taken by someone else (they grabbed the name Captainfoxx), though no relations between the two users exist (I'm the real deal baby! ;3).

Foxx joined FurAffinity March 13, 2007, under the impression that DeviantArt was too slow and had suffered frequent site problems, though after joining that site, his art has gone under a large improvement and has met many good friends (and some not so good :P).

Foxx is primarily described as friendly, caring, and willing to help others if needed (and also known for playing the hero, poking his nose where it doesn't belong, and trying to get his way most of the time). His art has become more centered around gift art. Though his artwork usually focuses around fat fur, inflation, macro, and muscle works, basically, he's a lover of bigness and all things big.

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