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CJWuffie A.K.A. CJ Wolf, is two tone brown furred North American Timber Wolf. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I shortly there after was moved to Northern California in the United States where I grew up from the age of 1 until the age of 16 when, following a family decision, I moved again to the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland Australia. After I finished high school in Australia I turned my sights to my passion which was and still is flying. I worked as an instructor for several years in Queensland before taking up a better position as an instructor in Perth, West Australia. A move I am quite happy with at the moment.

Some of my other passions and hobbies include writting "short" stories, the shortest of with is 11 pages, some of which are still published under the name Jonathon Ford, a character from one of my series'. I'm also a keen Hold'em poker player and competition marksman.

At the moment I share an apartment "Wolves Aloft" in the city with Jet Wolfgang. In my free time when not playing poker or writting you might find me roaming around a BF2 server with a sniper rifle looking for unsuspecting targets to wander through my crosshairs.

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