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C-4 Furdelance[edit]

C-4 james Furdelance ( born august 2 1992) is a furry artist , situated in Hampshire , England

C-4s Fursona is a Green Fox/wolf, bred between a red fox, and a irish wolf. He is 90% fox, and only 10%wolf He has Slate blue eyes, dark green socks and gloves pattern colouration, and Dark green ear tips. His tail has 3 dark green stirkes down it, and a white/green tip. his muzzle chest and belly fur, is light green, and has two dark green marking down the top of his muzzle.

C-4 is refered to formally, as Cade

C-4 has many aliassa , aka, Shardian, kovash, and the most recent and most used, Kovat


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