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I am a funny,pretty, chubby kitten looking for playmates, new to all this furry stuff but very excited by it. Shall we say I always felt feline, but a very nice man help relise my day dreams. Unfortunatley the very nice had to go away so bubu has been left to work out all these wonderful new yearnings and needs for herself. So please be patient with me. Like most cats i am independant and affectionate and like to be owned but well you know kitty's they do as they please unless you punish them or take away there food. lol!!

Even though i have a fascination with furrrydom, helping someone in or out of suit for some reason the idea thrills me, and over the last 6-7 week spents hours staring at them, i prefer to wear a zentai suit or body stocking. I just bought my first tigger suit waiting for it, It has ears tail as well!! Totally thrilled but its taking too long !!

Of course there is few other sides to my personality ... I have a life a child working single mum but very happy with it and dont want that to be effected by my little twists and kinks. Oh i do have a few others but there not for this site :0). I do like power exchange but that a whole other suject !!