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It all started five thousand years ago. You see, I wasn't always this big cuddly Earth gryphon. I used to be a highly respected scientist, of a gryphon race long lost in time. We built our grand city, Overseer, from the ground up, a sprawling metropolis floating over the primitive Earth, invisible to life below. Our civilization strived for perfection, and eventually... we achieved it. Centuries of scientific advancement brought us the perfect solution: Precisely engineered genetic modification. Genetic traits became swappable accessories, insertable and removable instantaneously. All known diseases were cured with genetic immunity. We aspired to absolute perfection, and we got it.

Unfortunately, we couldn't foresee the effects of ubiquitous genetic modification in the long term. "Perfecting", as it came to be known, became an addiction for many. In inventing genetic modification, we didn't realize just how addictive it could become. Within six months of the initial availability of genetic enhancement injections - or Rogue Genes, as they became known - the government was forced to introduce bans on the more addictive forms. Rogue Gene abuse became widespread. Though we didn't know it, we were already on the path to ruin. However, at the time, I wasn't in Overseer. I was on Earth, studying the many races that thrived on it.

Many thousands of years after the introduction of Rogue Genes, I returned to a city in ruins. The great city, a beacon of science and culture, had been reduced to rubble. The people I met, my old colleagues and friends, were unrecognizable, horribly mutated from years of Rogue Gene abuse. I found my old laboratory, after weeks of searching through the empty streets. From what remained of the looted facility, I survived, using Rogue Genes to my advantage. I knew, however, that one day the city would be too dangerous to stay in - The mutated Rogue Gene abusers were becoming more violent and aggressive by the day. One evening, my laboratory was stormed by a gang of these abusers, and I was forced to flee as they destroyed my life's work. I fled through the city, pursued by roving clusters of crazed mutants, until after days of fighting and running, I made it to the surface far below the city.

Exhausted and on the verge of death, I staggered into a human settlement which I now know is called New York, hoping for help. The humans there attempted to capture me and, knowing of their cruel and worthless experiments on other races and their own kind, I fled. After many years of wandering the land, I found a place I now call home: A small settlement of creatures like me, under the Northern Pole of the Earth.