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Pistrogre (real name unknown at this time) is a race of creatures Created by Brandon T. Kiessling Who goes by Braxia on FA and most other sites he/she is a part of, two alternate names being "shadowpulse and Epochcipher". A Pistrogre is a large reptilian creature native to the planet Feraveil, and often inhabit underground, and deep ocean locals. The name "Pistrogre" is the slang name given by humans upon the discovery of them inhabiting earth. Pistrogre being a mesh of "piston" and "ogre". Ogre, for their massive size and monsterous appearance. And piston, for the way their shoulder bones move up and down as they walk, much like a piston would.


Basic Appearance[edit]

How exactly pistrogre function is a mystery, but there are plenty of aspects that are easily understandable. Externally, pistrogre are generally long, lithe, reptilian creatures, sporting minute scales, giving their body a snake like feel (soft like a python or boa). They have 8 limbs, Two powerful hind legs, (large feet with four toes, two primary, two jutting from the sides of their heels all of them are webbed for swimming.) four secondary arms, (used for carrying things, and their offspring against their bellies.) and two primary arms, (strong like their hind legs, with reversed thumbs for ease of climbing.). their shoulder blades jut out instead of flush with their backs like humans. Their heads are unlike their bodies, composed primarily of a hard bone looking material that has a molecular structure much like diamond making it is nigh indestructable. high explosives have been taken to a dead pistrogre skull, and it was barely scratched. Their skull is composed of four main parts, connected together directly through joints, lubed with a naturally produced lubricant from the cells inside the skull(gives the skull its shine) a small lower jaw, an upper cranium and jaw, and two side jaws, all hinged in a star formation, and capable of opening 180°. It's also adorned with many other extrasensory parts, a heat sensor on their brow, four eyes, (two on top jaw, two on bottom jaw, covered by naturally by transparent lenses, preventing any need to blink) seismic sensing horns to pick up vibrations in the earth, and whiskers from their side jaws that act as their method of smell, picking up scents similarly to a snake, the nose holes on their upper jaw are vestigial and don't actually function. On the back of the neck, armor plates come from the back of the skull. on the sides just behind the skull they have large head fins, that function like ears. On the underside of the neck is an airsac, used in storing air for breathing during the swallowing of large prey. this airsac will inflate when massaged, and a good method for "befriending" a pistrogre. Their tails are long and whip like, Pistrogre are born roughly 5ft long, and have been known to grow near 50ft, (from head to base of tail.) spikes adorning the length of their back, and on their arms, proportional to their over all size. These spikes are retractable, and are used for intimidation displays.

"The Core"[edit]

The organ that has been deemed "The Core" is the most important part of a pistrogre's biology, how it works, how it is made, it is unknown. Though from what little detail that has been shared by the pistrogre, the best comparison to its function would be that of a super computer that makes humanity's strongest computer look like an alarm clock. The Core is what makes an entire Pistrogre's body function, it contains what ever equivalent of a "Brain" they have. It uses some sort of method of Light based transmission to send all signals to other cells in the pistrogre's body. What prevents a proper studying of the core, is the body's protective measures for it, it is encased in the same material their skull is composed of, protecting it from any harm. and upon death, a pistrogre's core, will implode on itself, and vanishes from the body leaving only a fine black dust in its place. depending on the size of the pistrogre in question, the core is rumored to be capable of imploding the rest of the pistrogre with itself, explaining why no pistrogre carcasses beyond 15ft of size have ever been found.

Digestive System[edit]

The pistrogre are a cobalt based lifeform, another unexplainable fact that is rather strange, since all life native to earth is carbon based. They will eat most anything, as their body is able to use any ingested material in some way, molecules of matter than they may not need, can be stored, and converted to other materials in their core in order to provide a function. Therefore pistrogre never have solid bodily wastes. They do however, cycle through fluids that their body uses. Any exausted fluids are expelled through sweating. their sweat is highly toxic and deadly if injested.

The Average pistrogre diet ussually consists of deep ocean benthic species, though they do have a weak spot for giant squid and various species of eel. the pistrogre digestive system consists of two stomachs, and "the maw" which is a external stomach muscle that is also connected to their first stomach. The first stomach, is a prepratory area, having two entrances from either end of a pistrogre's body, the mouth, and the anus. Pistrogre will ussually eat through the mouth, but "playful" individuals have been known to eat through their rears. In the primary stomach, food is softened, anything hard like bone, is made more malleable. the digestive fluids in the stomach accomplish this, also acting as an aphrodisiac for any live meals a pistrogre may have ingested. Following sufficient preparation (determined on type of food being eaten) the maw opens, a mouth like orifice that stems from the belly button. and deposits the food from the first stomach on the ground. From there, the pistrogre will eat its meal again, using a mouth on the end of its tongue, which leads to the second stomach, where food is finally digested and made into what ever the individual needs.

Senses and Self Defense[edit]