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Border Walker is a teenage Furry Artist and Writer introduced to the Furry Fandom in 2005 during an internet web search. He Has one Main 'Fursona' Character, who shares the same name, and various other Characters used in Roleplays and Stories written by Border Walker.

His Fursona is an Arctic Wolf with a small percentage of Fox, noticeable in the bushy tail. He wears mostly black and red clothing considered to be in the 'gothic' subculture. Outside of his main fursona, Border Walker has various characters, including, but not limited to:

Cyberwolf - A Cyborg Lycanthrope
Jack Kabuki - A Wolf/Raven Hybrid
Steven "Aussie" Irvine - An Australian Dingo
Natalie Blakthorn - A Cyborg Fox
Rose - A Feme Fetale Vixen

He can be found most prominently on The JACK comic forums, but can also be found on the Arkives and So Red The Rose RP forums.