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Bloodfox is a fox from Sydney, NSW. He is close friends with Toxic Tails, another fox from around that area. Nicknames for him include Blood, Fox, Or BitW. Bloodfox is an adventurous fox with a kind heart.
Toxic Tails and Bloodfox in Sydney City

Attempting to leave his house on one of his adventures, he asked Toxic Tails, but unfortunately their plan didn't work out so well but their hopes aren't gone yet.


Bloodfox joined the fandom, in the late months of 2008, He later joined the furstralia Forums, and the OZfur mailing list. Bloodfox was introduced to the fandom through the game furcadia, Which he played frequently for three years before quitting due to unknown reasons.

During his life span, Bloodfox has been inspired by many artists, mainly in the areas of music. Some of his favorite bands include Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Flyleaf, Marylin Manson, Paramore and Lady GaGa. Other people who have inspired him have been his mother, father, Sister, Friends (Toxy, poison, acid, septic, ect).


Bloodfox has a kind and caring personality, he always is there for any one and everyone. Many people who have come across this mysterious fox, have loved him deeply. He is quite loved by close friends and adored by his #1 Toxic Tails. (His sexy vixen friend with the same persona). But at the same time he has very short tempered, and depressive one. He can change from happy, to sad, or from sad to angry in a matter of moments. This may come across sometimes as if he is using them against people himself.

Because he is a very emotional person, sometimes his emotions change his personality. As odd as this may sound, it is completely true. Bloodfox changes personality, in different situations. For example; If in a stressful situation, He may change from a bubbly, happy, bright person, into a dark, suicidal person who wishes the world would burn quietly. This may come across as a sense of craziness or a sort of disorder, but to him it is completely normal.


Bloodfox has a major talent for poetry and music, He writes his own poetry and song scripts. He has minor experience with instruments, but has a keen way to notice the sounds of each instrument, and memorize their patterns and sounds. During his life, Bloodfox has written many pieces of poetry, using them as a way to express his deepest feelings, or Darkest, utter most hatred for someone or something. Because of this, again, he may be seen as depressed or destructive.


  • Poison Wolf
  • Acid Fox
  • Septic Tiger

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