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The new look B.H.2 - Drawn by Wardy

Blaster Hedgie (AKA B.H., Hedgie, BH)[edit]

Hello there, and welcome! I am the one Blaster Hedgie, one of the few Hedgehog characters in the Furry Fandom. I have been around since 1999 when I made my first appearance at Duckon VIII. Since then I have appeared at FCY2K, FC2001, 2002 and 2003. At each one I have performed in the FVS.

Suffice to say, I enjoy performing. I have also been featured on the Rapid T. Rabbit show and I was also invited to be in the annual New York Hallowe'en Parade 2001.

Since FC2003, I have not attended any further conventions etc., due to the Blaster suit becoming too old and needing to be retired. I HAVE begun work on a second suit, B.H.2, small previews of which can be viewed on my website, B.H.volution. Other forms of B.H. have appeared at previous conventions, Super B.H. and Dark B.H.; both of which can be seen on my website.

I also help run an Internet Radio Station, TigerTails Radio, with my lifelong friend, TK Tiger. I'm also a member of the Hantsfurs group, originally created by SlyCat.


B.H.2 is the second incarnation of Blaster, a more refined and tougher looking character. Gone are the Sonic-Style features, Bionic Arm and Trainers; being replaced by pure white eyes, a black body armour and army boots!

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