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FURRY Utopia or Dystopia

Ideas assembled by The Blue Fox (Blackpelt)

Hello I am Blackpelt, and I am here to teach you about Furry. How they act, how they live and interact with one another, as well as the positive and negatives that exist from our existences here in this world. Keep this in mind as you read this Passage. Pleases keep this in mind that this is the thought of only one furry I’m not here to speak to the fur group nor am I here to change your mind. I am only here to lay the stones for any new furry to this world. So they have a chance to understand it all instead of falling in to a mess where they can no understand a single concept of furry, then leave use thus weakening our chance of servile.

A simple concept that I want to leave being in this short read is that Furry is not something to be lathed at but to be lathed with. Furrys are one of the most interesting groups you could ever see in your life, with their unique form of greeting and acknowledge one another, to those who have not seen this it would seem like common animal actions, but just as any society that meets a new one there are automatic conflicts based on our nature and there. As anyone who says they are more developed then another will begin to dominate or in slave, (WE ARE SUPERIOR TO YOU, WE HAVE SHAKESPERE AND WE EAT WITH TOOLS) this does not make a utopia nor does it make a dystopia. This makes a form of a self-ignorance and fake show of aggressiveness to the world. This is why I write this I want to show to everyone that this is how we are and if they do not like it then do not try to stop us. Just simply get out of our way and let us live. Or if you wish to join us I will gladly hand you this book and let you learn what is furry on your own. Now I would like to talk and explain about the foundations of what it means to be a furry such as. What are furrys for starter? This will cover how most furrys understand them selves and others. The behaviour or habits of furrys, such as the traditional and non-traditional action that furrys do like greeting one another, or the common acts that furs would do. As well as the wonders and help that furs have given to this world as well as the flaws and defaults of furrys.

BASIC DESCRIPTION FOR FURRYS: The term furry comes from a Greek term that means Anthropomorphic, which means to put animal characteristics in to human forms. Furry forms you would recognize would be like cartoon correctors such as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. Some other way to understand what a furry form is, imagine it. Take for example a basic human male. His body is cold and nude; now apply some fox stature to him. His eyes can only see in black and white and his nose begins to turn black and cold. His skin begins to turn a dark brown, which is the natural skin tone of a fox. A lush orange fur begins to grow around his back, upper arms and legs and a darker fur that resembles his skin colour grows on his lower arms and legs; from his chest to his pelvic area clean white fur fills the spot. Now his face begins to mould a new form. His nose, mouth and jaw begins to push forward and out from the head resembling a fox’s snout, his legs take on a new form his feet began to grow straight out in length not width. This is known as anthro legs, if someone were to imitate an animal he or she would be walking on the balls of his/her feet. The last thing that would come is the ears, transforming into fox ears that are big and perched on top of his head.

WHAT DO FURRYS DO, furrys have a large verity of action and activity. Such as the interesting with other furrys, going out in public in a fur suit with other furs and friends.

Furrys have their own language and form of greeting one another; these greeting methods are as followed • Scritching: is the act of scratching a fellow fur’s back, wile he hugs yours. This would be a hug but your claws would be scratching his back, as will his/hers on your back. • Hugging: a simple hug is to stretching ones hands around a person and embracing them. • Nosing: Nosing is mostly done by fur suiters. This means to move your nose in a sniffing jester in front of some one else, or rubbing your nose with someone else’s which may be referred as an Eskimo kiss. • Petting: applying your hade on to another person head, back, or stomach and slowly moving your hand up and down in a gentile faction on that area in a repeated motions • Grooming: to move your hand down the back of the body in a smooth motion, this would be to massage the person or to smooth out fur.

The reason that I give you these terms first is to allow you to understand these words if you have ever herd them before. On a side note I would like to clarify that the fandom is not a group of homosexuals, over half of the fandom may be formed form homosexuals but it still have a large percentage of straight and female members. Some of the percentages are off but none the less there male and female members of the fandom and are part of both lines of sexuality The next step that I would like to cover is the Fursuiters and his counterpart the Spotter.

Fur suit and Fur suiting: Please keep in mind that the acts that some furrys do is not the in tire fandom. Around 18-23% of furrys are foresters. This being for resins that the suits are expensive, or that some medical or physical condition may keep them from wherein a fur suit at all or long enough. Prices the fur suit can go from a simple 100$ to a complex and multi fur outfit near 2000$ that amount is to add cost in labour if they choose to hire a professionals all to design a suit. As for fursuiters many perform at charitable events, parades, games, and out in the general public where families are present. Some furrys even fabricate fursuits as a livelihood thus when in character the grand majority of fursuiters a hear to the same guide lines that fallow amusement parks and theme parks, all mostly accommodated by a Spotter. This is a semiotic bond one helps the other. The spotter helps the fur around so that he does not trip, fall, or bump in to anyone. A spotter is all so they’re to help the fur out, whether it is in over exertion or needs to leave the area and requires help. And as for when I mean one helps the other. The fursuiters are treated a bit better at cons, they are able to get ahead in lines moved around a bit quicker and have an easier time getting around most places, and the spotter is next to him at all times,

The next thing that I’m going to talk about is the different forms that people take I will explain fox, wolf.

The Fox: a sly and quick critter. Commonly having a red/orange fur with a white chest, and black/brown legs somewhat known as a hyperactive (fuzz ball). Foxes are carnivorous mammal of the dog family, found throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere. It has a pointed face, short legs, long, thick fur, and a tail about one half to two thirds as long as the head and body, depending on the species. Solitary most of the year, they sleep concealed in grasses or thickets, their tails curled around them for warmth. Foxes feed on insect, earthworms, small birds and mammals, carrion, eggs, fruits and vegetable matter. Unlike other members of the dog family, which run down their prey, foxes usually hunt by stalking and pouncing. They are known for their raids on poultry but are nonetheless very beneficial to farmers as destroyers of rodents.

The Wolf: (Canis lupus) the wolf is a carnivorous mammal in the dog family. Often thought as a brut or untameable to some people, wolfs are still kind and helpful to humans. Once distributed over most of the Northern Hemisphere, wild wolves are now confined to the wilder parts of the reduced range. There are about 3 wolf species (the gray wolf red wolf and coyote) these are most recognized, but there are more species. Wolves hunt in packs using number in their advantage to take down large pray. They tend to stay with their pups for a lot longer or for their life.

Now as for those who follow and those who lead in the fandom they are known as Masters and Pets. The Master holds the most important role he is the one who must establish order in the pack. He is the one that makes the rules, commands his pets to do as he or she wishes. He must tent to the pets need or fear of losing them is a possibility. They must understand their individual needs. This is what allows a master to have multiple pets. To find what a pet individual needs may be is not what you think, thou master may come as only one kind, pets come in multiple forms that want satisfaction, companionship, and a good stable relationship. The following is a list of what types of pets there are, so that you can pick one if you find yourself wanting the life of a pet and not a master.

In the fur world there are the forms and the personality that we take on. Such personality or characteristics of a fur may be being a leader instead of a follower or wanting to be love or abused. For some of the furrys they have different things they are interested in. this separates them in to an emotion group, based on how they act around others and how they wanted to be treated around others. One that is easily noticeable is the Baby Fur. This I one of the most interesting groups because of their need to be treated as a toddler. From my research, baby furs have a need to be or act like a baby or young child. This may be wearing diapers and going in them. Others would be drinking milk out of a bottles, wanting to have a caretaker or in some events a new set of furry family. There is one more kind of furry I would like to talk about and that is the Shy Fur. The shy fur is a person that now understand what is furry is and want to be part of but dose not express or tell anyone else for fear or thought of rejection from friends and family. Other sign of shy furs are curiosity or not fully understanding the furry concept and declare themselves a furry to a point. This may be that they do not know any other furry’s around them and do not want to mess up by saying that they are furry to a random person that my or may not be a furry.

TYPES OF PETS: Pet: The pet is the base of all pets types, undeceive or unaware of what it wants to be to its master the pet can swing around any style of pet with no understanding just that he/she is dominated by a master and he/she will do as commanded with some signs of aggression Cuddle Pet: The cuddle pet is one of the least intimate of all pets. The cuddle pet can be commanded to cuddle, which would only consist of four play and simple scritching. Love Pet: The love pet is not fully considered a pet, because it shares a relationship with the master. Would be dating or being mated. But can be commanded to a point and will do intimate things but only with its master. Dom Pet: Dom or dominate pet, are pets that wish to be commanded in a specific form and demand that they are, instead of asking for there master to assisted them in there need they will demand that they will, and is intimate only when he/she feels for it. Sub Pet: Sub or submissive pet, are pets that show no sign of aggression and is normally a calm and easily commendable pet. Now on the level of intimates it would depend of the pet but normally is intimate only if the master states or commands him/her to be. Yiff Pet: The yiff pet is the most intimate pet of all, mostly wanting sex this pet leads or informs that master to subdue him/her in to a mating with him/her