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Blackpawed, also known as DJ_Foxy in Minecraft (real name: Victoria, born June 2, 2000), is a Polish-English artist. She has been involved with the furry fandom since middle of 2010 and had been told by her brother (Zbigniew - Nuclearpaws) about the fandom. She had developed through years of friendship with other furrys about the famdom.


Her fursona is a black-orange. tiger fox with wings and still has no fursuit or plushies, but planning on starting one as soon as possible. Blackpawed.png


Blackpawed really enjoys sitting at home and playing videogames while snacking on food, however she does have quite a talent to art and music (singing).


Blackpawed is also a Brony ( aka. My little pony fan ) Since 2011 summer/winter. Her ponysona's ( pony OC ) name is Soyata. After joining the brony fan base she had lost the like to furrys a bit, as she thought that it was more interesting at first.