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Hi there this is the real me.

Black Foot is a Shian Indian and he is the only one left of his tribe. When he was a mere wolf cub his family used to take care of him and tell him how he can help with the wounded Indians. When he was a teen wolf he used mother nature's plants and turned them into herbal medicine to help heal the Indians when they needed him. When he got old enough he wanted to go into battle with his tribe to get rid of the cowboys but they told him to stay back and guard their teepee's, but one of the cowboys on a horse snuck behind him and burt every single teepee down when he saw that he was going for his he tried to stop him which he did and now he had to leave his land. Now Black Foot lives in an open area in the woods where he has learned to build his own fire. The only clothing that he has on is what you see in the picture, and also he has no friends.