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BlackWolfe Coyoten (BlackWolfe) is the furry name (as well as nom de plume) of a furry living in the state of Texas. BlackWolfe describes himself (as he is doing in this page) as a middling-quality artist and fairly good writer.

Particularly, BlackWolfe's art and stories feature the following:

Much of his work is adult in nature, and can be found on his website, his deviantArt account, or occasionally on the forums of


BlackWolfe Coyoten has a plethora of fursonae that he uses on FurryMUCK and on various forums. Some are created entirely for roleplay, others derive from stories he has written. (A large percentage of them are female or feminine hermaphrodites.)

  • BlackWolfe Coyoten '(male)' - The original fersona of BlackWolfe is loosely based on the real-life person - he is 6'1" in height, male, rather lanky, and, as his name indicates, a wolf/coyote hybrid.
  • BlackWolfe Coyoten '(female: aka Blackie)' - A size and shape-shifting version of the male. Generally a pure wolf with gray wolf coloration. Heavily muscular. Macrofurry character.
  • Elbie '(female)' - A third variation on BlackWolfe - a human sized anthropomorphic fruit bat.
  • Others: BlackWolfe has reached the maximum limit for alternate accounts and puppets allowed by FurryMUCK policy, as well as having a non-BlackWolfe account on YIMU Island MUCK.


Re: "Fursonae" I note that the plural of fursona is listed in that article as being "fursonas." However, as the plural of persona is personae, I choose to use "fursonae."

DeviantARTlogo.png This user has an account at deviantART. Their username is BlackWolfe Coyoten.