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Bingo Fox, 2011

Bingo Fox[edit]

Bingo Fox (real name 'Hayden Grant'), born in 1972 is an Australian Fox who currently lives in Bundaberg, North of Brisbane

History behind the Fox[edit]

Born in 1972, He is an older Fur and considered a Grey Muzzle in the Furry Fandom, having only really finding his inner furry in 2011.

RivFur 2011 was his first Furry Convention and it was there that he met his first Furs in real life, and from that meeting Bingo Fox has slowly gotten to meet all the rest of the group that make up the Ozfurs community.

Furdu 2012 RivFur 2012 Bunfur 2012

His Fur Friends includeMaui, Wolfsbane, Linx Husky, Kitsune Starwind, Pavatti, Topher the Tiger, Stripes, Boxer, Poppy and many others....Feel free to add yourself if you know me...


My current fursona is Bingo Fox, a red, white and black Fox.

Bingo Fox, by Vixen

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