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Alyx 'The BiOzZ' McCown born 7/11/1991 is a 20 year old hacker from Rockville Maryland USA. BiOzZ is a black and red cat and noted for his distinctive BioHazard Symbol tattoo. Arrested in 2008 for a string of server breaches BiOzZ carries out his security work working both payed and volunteer jobs in security auditing. Also the main writer of a popular hacker blog he maintains an exploit kit named "BiOzZ Exploit Kit" known as "The Big Kit" for its 700MB size and "BEK" for short.

BiOzZ maintains FurrAffinity, SoFurry, InkBunny, DevaintArt, Twitter, Steam and youtube accounts.

BiOzZ was seen at several furcons, animecons and hacker cons as far back as 2007.

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