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Azrael is a dragon scalie from Indiana. She has a sinuous, sleek form covered in miniscule, scintillating pearl and emerald scales; some say she looks as if she was carved from the gems. Her head is wedge-shaped with a pointed chin and narrow muzzle, and her brow and cheekbones form smoothly-backswept horns, also covered in tiny scales. Her neck is long and flexible, and she frequenly bobs, weaves, nods, tilts, tosses, and shakes her head for expressions. Her eyes are gentle and grey, and her lips are pliant and extremely expressive. Her paws have dextrous digits and opposable thumbs, and both her tongue and her tail are long and prehensile. Her wings are feathered, white with emerald primaries, and are shaped like a mourning dove's. She moves with a quick, flowing gait, not letting her palms or heels touch the ground. She is soft and warm to the touch, and her scales have the texture of polished jade. Her humanoid form retains the long tail and same body coloration, but her face and features are essentially human. She has long, unruly brown hair with brass and gold highlights, peach facescales, and a ready grin. Her signature is her pawprint, which is somewhere between that of a dog or cat and that of a bear.

Azrael is sociable, playful, affectionate, bouncy, silly, and much smarter than she acts. She has a slow but fierce temper, a severe overdose of maternal instinct, a well-suppressed ego, can be elitist, is loyal to a fault, and can occasionally be rather depressive. Being very affectionate, Azrael absolutely adores cuddling people and/or being cuddled by people, but only does so with trusted friends and family. She's very much an academic; she particularly enjoys astronomy, geology, biology, meteorology, theology, writing, reading, and drawing, as well as singing and playing trumpet. In fact, she marches with her school's band and plays with the basketball pep band. She frequently loses her voice during basketball season due to performing her duties as a one-dragon peanut gallery.

Azrael behaves much like an overlarge horse or dog, tagging along after those she appreciates and subjecting them to much nuzzling, bunting, nudging, and beggaring of headscratches or pats. Her face is expressive, and she combines many human, canine, and avian mannerisms to produce an appropriate expression.

Azrael can understand and speak English, but occasionally communicates solely through body language and a huge variety of birdlike and animal-like noises that mean essentially whatever she may want them to. She can mimic sounds with uncanny skill, sing, and produce intense volume with relatively little air. Her voice is generally musical, smooth, and soft, but she can produce some extremely grating, piercing, and shrill noises if she feels so inclined. She usually speaks in casual English with occasional slips into the various accents she has picked up in her travels around the country and world. Her casual speech is sometimes well-spiced with expletives. She can be very polite, eloquent, and formal, speaking precisely and with sometimes-archaic grammar.