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Axion the husky. A not so talented Cyan hued husky (born on the 2nd of Sept 1995). Axion is one the many teen furs in the world looking to meet new people. He currently resides in Darwin, Australia. He is currently un-employed and is studying Automotive with the hope of becoming a mechanic. He rides dirtbikes and has a very creative mind but has a low self-asteem and no self confidence. Those 2 factors has made his life very stressful and unpleasent.


As a child Axion always seemed to love animals. He use to dress up like cats & dogs and wonder around the house. Axion first discovered the fandom back 2008 whilst reading an article about furries in Guinness World Records 2008. He didnt think much of it at the time until he did some research for over 3 hours. After some intense research he discovered an amazing place called which he immediatley fell in love with.

One day while sitting on a bus he came up with the name Axion a designed a fursona from that. He always loved huskies and the colour Cyan so he created Axion, the cyan hued husky.

After several weeks on he made great new friends. He had never met such friendly people in his life. He still continues to have an account on FA under the name of Axxion.

He always wanted to purchase fursuit but has never had enough money. The first fursuit making company he found was Dont Hug Cacti. He absolutely fell in love with their 'cartoony' designs. One day he hopes to purchase a suit from them and sport it around town.

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