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My first Marci badge

Auva is a Akita/Red Fox Hybrid. His full name is Auva Azure Akita, but normally just goes by Auva. His name is pernounced "Oh-va" and is actually a name of a star in the constelation Virgo. Auva's owner, Alex, is a 20-year-old Christian who currently resides in Cleveland, MO.

I have not been to any cons yet, but i am hoping to attend Anthrocon in 2013

My favorite webcomics:

Slightly Damned Housepets Funny Farm Dream Keepers Top Dogz Jay Naylor Comics Welcome To Paradise - Sunny Beach

Auva's Color Scheme:

Azure Blue: Body Fur.

Cobalt Blue: Stripe down back and tail.

Cyan Blue: Eyes.

Orange: Hair, Ear tips, Tail tip, Paw pads, Strips.

White: Underface, Underbelly, Undertail, Paws.

Black: Nose and Claws.

Special Marks: Two orange triangles on either side of his muzzle.

My FurAffinity page is Here

More Info To Come

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