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Raccoon - Astrel[edit]

Age: Young

Sex: Male

Height: 3ft

Eye Colour: Yellow

Sub or Dom: Sub

Pref: Fag


I am a Raccoon, I am 3ft tall and fairly slim. I am usually friendly

I have Grey Fur with Blue Stripes and have a Bright Yellow Tip on the end of my Tail.

There is nothing I love more than curling up with a nice guy at night. Plus I love scratches behind my ear.

I wear goggles on my head and carry a Crobar and Satchel. I am a Thief and usually try to avoid conflict with people over 8ft tall.

I can climb up pipes and scale walls and rooves.


Fur - Grey/Dark Grey with Blue Stripes and a Yellow Tip on the end of my Tail Eyes - Yellow/Bright Yellow Crowbar - Silver with Yellow Tips Bag - Brown leather with Grey Stripes Goggles - Brown Leather with Green Lenses Boots - Brown Leather with Black Laces


Very Short and Very Slim, one ear is pearced by two rings both gold. I also wear a bracelet with a mirror and lockpicking tools, and have glass cutters strapped to the side of my boots. --Astrel 03:46, 26 May 2010 (UTC)