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Daniel Lee Kesner, a furfag who lives in Keyser, West Virginia has 3 fursona's Fursona's Created on Feb, 28, 2000.

Arufa Ookami Kiriyami[edit]

or the "Mind" control for the whole project 

He's the serious asshole who is always there to defend honer or pride. he's full wolf and will prove his title at any cost. The Leader of the Dark Alliance.Is Strait Red paws and tipped tail and the strip on the forehead to show the "Alpha" rank

Ryouichi Kitsune Kiriyami[edit]

he's the "Body" control for the whole project 

He's the Goofy/Idiotic non caring one. usaully laughing and not taking anything serious unless danger is involved. The General in the Dark Alliance.Is Bi-Sexual Ryo is a Wolf/Fox with green paws (all 4) green tipped tail and green ears.

Soljin Chotei-sha Ookami[edit]

 The "Spirit" of the whole project and final in the trivectoid that is who i am. 

the soft hearted loving cuddling Wolf/Cat.Controls the emotions and heart interests. Is gay.Among the fact that he loves every creature.The sexuality of females does not spike his interest, but still love's them.


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