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Artraccoon, aka Lee Wright Madison, is an anime style artist that is very much into anthro art. His preference is for catgirls(from an alien race of known as the Fel'Tap), but has been known to have done other types of anthros as well, often in Sci-Fi and/or military settings. He is very fond of raccoons, wolves(some are good friends of his), horses( he once lived on a horse ranch), and foxes.

Lee W. Madison's most well known artwork is for convention badge art and convention staff t-shirts for the Project A-kon anime convention in Dallas, Texas. His "Geishabots" have graced Project A-Kon since the beginning, and he plans to continue for the near future even with the convention's 20th anniversary approching.

Future pursuits will be more furry art and trying to give his work more exposure( via the net and comic work), and working on his long time friend Patrick Hughes' RPG projects, a book on starships, and soon anime and anthro poster and t-shirt projects. Other projects will include a dramatic graphic novel history of the Fel'Tap, and his "Anthro Revolutionary Army" artprojects.

Artraccoon currently lives in Arlington, Texas USA.

Artraccoon's artwork can be found at the following: