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Areku Detritus is a gay red fox who was born on January 27th, 1990, He currently lives in Texas.

About the character[edit]

Areku does not possess any truly amazing powers, aside from an outstanding jumping ability and fast reflexes, he is mainly just a carefree fur who always does his best to put others before himself. He is also a quite benevolent and flirtatious fellow, sometimes to a fault.

His main hobbies include talking and hanging out with his friends, making videos for Youtube, writing, and playing Video Games.

He is currently single but has a master, a dragon named V-Smok who he loves alot.

Video Games[edit]

Areku likes almost every genre of video game, the only ones he doesn't like are sports and racing games. One of his main favorite game series' is the series Resident Evil. Especially the RE: Outbreak series of spin-off games. Resident Evil: Outbreak and Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2. They are online survival horror games, but are no longer online in America.

Areku imported a japanese PS2 and japanese copies of the games so he could play on the japanese servers.

He likes several other series' too, like Sonic, StarFox, and several others.

He owns a Nintendo Wii, a PS2, and a DS.

Online Activity[edit]

Areku spends alot of time online, mainly talking with friends. His usual screenname is foxyareku and regulars several sites like the Capcom Forum, Gamespot, Youtube, and his own Resident Evil Forum.

External Links[edit]

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