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See the article about Slash V. Lagopus. WikiFur User
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Hello everyone. This is ArcticFoxSlash aka Slash V. Lagopus. I am back on and have updated contact info as of 22.10.09 @ 14:43GMT/07:43GMT-8

Contact Info[edit]

AIM: SlashVLagopus
Yahoo: slashvlagopus

Projects Working On[edit]

  • List of furry Steam groups
    • Working on a program to rip groups off of Steam searches to make List of furry Steam groups similar to List of furry LiveJournal communities.
    • Status:
      • URL ripper v0.1: Done
      • CSV checking from URL ripper: Done
      • Updating program to automate the process more to make the wiki article more productive: In Progress - Barely started
    • Things needed to do to put up first list:
      • Get CSV cleaned up of whitespaces. Done File:List of furry Steam groups(rough).csv
      • sort out non fur content (debate if I should or should not include Anti-Fur groups at all listed as anti-fur groups. leave Debate in my talk if anyone has something to say about it)
      • wikify
  • Wikify and update Slash V. Lagopus to format according to the Furry Book of Style