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Arctic Wolf, or simply just "Arctic", is a rather quiet and little-known member of the furry fandom, who usually prefers to sit in the sidelines and not become too active or known. He has an interest in possibly attending a future furry convention such as Anthrocon and frequents many furry websites, including this one, Fur Affinity, and others. Though he browses and posts on all these sites, Arctic almost always uses pseudonyms, which is partially why he's practically non-existent in the fandom, though even he would admit with a name like his, you're not going to have an easy time becoming well-known. He's considered himself a furry since the late 90's, when he started getting involved with other furries in Star Fox communities.

He's 24 years old and his fursona is a nicely-toned white wolf, with a fuzzy patch of medium-length grey headfur that stands out from the rest of his fur. The character name derives from when the real Arctic Wolf was at a boyscouts challenge during the winter when he was much younger and nearly froze to death, while he heard some wolves howl. The name was born thusly, while the actual character was created later on based on the name. His original fursona was an orange fox that he drew and took place in the Star Fox universe, but this character was replaced with the currently existing one, which was also in the same universe. Arctic apparently doesn't draw furries much, though he does have experience drawing graphs and blueprints of building structures.

His hobbies include playing video games from many genres, browsing various websites and sometimes debating about subjects such as history, anime, games, etc. While this is often how he can act, Arctic has an extremely sensitive soft side that shows deep levels of emotional love, empathy, kindness and a strong sense of humor that doesn't get revealed to anyone but to his boyfriend.

Arctic Wolf is mated in a currently, but maybe not permanently open relationship with a black wolf, Microsoftt, since both of them have discussed consideration of posssibly being monogamous in the future. They've been together since early 2006 and good friends since 2005.