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Arbuzan in partial fursuit

Arbuzan Rakiri (also known for short as Arbuzan) is a British-Turkish fursuiter living in Essex very close to London. He is known for his activity on the furry forum and is active on FurAffinity


Coming soon


He is a regular of the poplular Tri-Weekly furmeet LondonFurs.


He has attended Confuzzled in 2011, atennding in 2012


Un-decided to attend Anthrocon 2012.


Un-decided to attend Eurofurence 2012.

External links[edit]

[1]Furaffinity [2]DeviantArt

In real life[edit]

Arbuzan Rakiri was born on 22nd May 1984 in Barking, East London Lives within the Essex/North East London borders area and has lived in this area all of his life.

He went to the Anglia Ruskin University where he obtained a 2:2 for BSc (HONS) Multimedia Computing and he now works in a small IT company in Central London.

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