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Hi! Thanks for stepping by here:


My real name is Alejandro Gutiérrez Lizardi. I was born in Puebla City in México (Yay). I started on the Furry Fandom in México since 1999 on the hand of my friend Anipet. So yes, now I'm part of the Elders of Furfandom in Méx.


An angelic Anime Polar Bear with blue hair is my character. Is also a shape shifter and can have skills to be genderfluir.

Furry Advocate[edit]

I do believe that furfandom in Mexico has the potential to growth. I'm not an artist, but I think I can help the fandom with one of my best skills: Event Production!

IRL Job[edit]

Now, I'm leading a localization videogame studio in México. So feel free to hit me up on tetelegram as AoiKuma or look up for me on my gmail account. Is also aoikuma ;).