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Anna Kitfox is what her player considers to be the 'closest thing to a personal furry I have', the kit fox being a character that is near and dear to her heart and the longest lasting character in her player's long list of creatures she has role-played over as over the years.

Anna has a history that is as rich and varied as her player's and reflects several interests that she has 'iRL', mainly her love of almost anything military and aviation. Anna was at one time a Captain in the Navy and a former F-14 pilot and was working on building a Naval Air Station at one time. She had a husband and a son, both of whom were played by the same person, but the relationship eventually broke off, leaving a rather large gap in that part of her personal story. She currently hangs out on SPR in the park, choosing to socialize rather than partake in her 'old ways'.

The player behind the kit fox is a lady by the name of Heather Peterson. She has a family which consists of two sons, a husband and four cats, one of which is having kittens herself. She is a writer and a wanna-be artist, both hobbies she has taken outside of the furry genre, perferring to write and draw fantasy and sci-fi'ish type pictures and stories, now.