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The Algerwoles were created from an experiment of people trying to play god and create life. Soon after they were created, the Algerwoles figured out why they were there, and were terribly mad. So mad that they destroyed their creators, along with the lab, so no one could create anymore. The remaining Algerwoles each split into groups of two and went their separate ways, going to separate biome area’s. The Algerwoles evolved over time, and of course, breed with each other for more of them. Every Time they come across a human, they kill them. Algerwoles do have a heart, so if they find a kid, they’ll raise the kid a their own. The Algerwole's have different magic based on the Algerwole

Types and Differences:

The Algerwoles that went to the forest, have evolved a slim body with waterproof fur, along with claws for catching and killing deer and moose. The Algerwoles that went into the snowy mountains have developed very thick fur to keep out the cold, as well as a bulky-ish build to help. The Algerwoles that went into the caves have evolved very bulky builds, large claws for digging, and less fur than the others. The Algerwoles that went to the swamps have developed webbed paws with sharp dagger like claws for catching fish, along with waterproof fur. All of the species of Algerwole's fur varies. Forest Algerwoles can have: brown, green, white, grey, yellow, purple, pink and orange. Snow Algerwoles can have: grey, black, white, blue, green, brown and purple. Swamp Algerwoles can have: green, yellow, orange, brown, black, grey, and purple. Cave Algerwoles can have: brown, grey, pink, purple, black, and yellow. Algerwoles can have combo’s of their respective fur colors.


All Algerwoles have sharp canine teeth, usually longer than their others, and varies from species to species. Their tongues are long and dragon-like, able to move around and slither like a snake. Their eyes can be any color, their pupils are weird, for they are the same color as their eye color. Yes there are differences between male and female, female usually have slimmer bodies no matter the species. Females also have breasts, but are hidden under their neck fur. Males have a naturally bigger build, and don’t have as much neck fur as the females. (Now it’s going to get weird, for I am now going to talk about their genitals, yay, I’m scared but it has to be done. I made my friend write the next little bit about their genitals, so she made up everything down their….) Their genitals vary between genders again and naturally, for males they have two big, snake-dragon like, male parts down there. Females use their breast for feeding their young, and mating. The females lower parts have a clitorical hood over the parts, and very sensitive. (Now done with the parts stuff, yay!)

Clan Life & How they Act:

Now as you have probably guessed, The Algerwoles have split up into clans. Forest Algerwoles make their houses in trees, or out of wood. Cave Algerwoles live in caves, making their homes out of rock and tree. Snow Algerwoles make their homes out of snow, mud and trees. Swamp Algerwoles make their homes the same as Forest Algerwoles. The leader of the clan usually gets the best house, but if another Algerwoles home is destroyed or an Algerwole is staying over from another clan for trade or something, the leader will share his/her house with them for a while. Their little town’s have a town square, a market, homes, and a jail. Once every 2 months, all the Algerwoles leaders gather in a valley called Kopu Valley, to discuss all the things that have happened, new discoveries, or if their harboring a child human so they can prepare. While they're there, the leader’s always bring some Algerwoles with them to meet others, interact, or protect their leader from danger. They each have festivals, the most important one is Ukulukilo, when all the clans gather in Kopu Valley and dance, eat, interact, find a potential mate and more. Algerwoles act very polite and nice to each other, unless they're angry. Then they have a little fight and who ever wins was right. They also have tournaments, very deadly and entertaining.

Magic and Mates:

How they find a mate, well, male Algerwoles decorate their fur. They also bring gifts to their desired mate, as well as fighting for their mates if another male tries to woo her. Females just let it happen, usually though they will intervene if it gets too rough, or they chose which one is to be her mate. They also have magic contests if the female can't choose, or just feels like seeing a contest.The Algerwoles magic is quite complicated, but one way to tell their using their magic is their one glowing eye. The color their eye glows can be any color, and can be a mix of colors. They each have elemental magic, usually random. The magic types are: Fire, water, earth, air, wind, sound, blue fire, black fire, acid, light, shadow, and darkness. They can use these elements as they chose, and they can fling stuff around like Sans. Also, they can breathe their elements as well.

( If you want to use an Algerwole, please be lore friendly, and share it with me. I like to see what people would do)